Joe Lacob discusses new Warriors realities, Kevin Durant release and more – The Athletic


The Warriors’ homeowners group, truly for the first time since Joe Lacob took control, briefly touched on salary spending last February. It was a minor but noticeable change. They purged the back half of their list to hide under the tax before the trade deadline, swapping a few future bench pieces (Glenn Robinson, Omari Spellman) to do so. The logic was simple. When circumstances change, decision makers adjust. The warriors reeked. They had the worst NBA record: 12-40 at the time, an unforeseen circumstance when the expensive list was originally built, before Steph Curry broke his hand, sweeping them into the lottery. So they sacrificed a few useful players in a dying season, publicly declaring that the bucket of savings to avoid the punitive repetitive tax would help them spend a lot on next season’s list.

But, again, when circumstances change, decision-makers adapt. The current COVID-19 crisis has changed theā€¦


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