Joe Judge praises Markus Golden after Giants hired free agent


It seems that new head coach Joe Judge is extremely interested in having Markus Golden as a member of his first Giants training.

Giants launched rare rare unrestricted free agent bid on Golden Monday, which means if not signed by another team by July 22, it will play for the Giants season next for a salary of $ 4.12 million, or 110% of her 2019 salary. of $ 3.75 million. It’s a little-used tactic in the NFL and one that the Giants pulled out to eventually secure Golden, their bag leader last season with 10.

“Obviously we think he is a talented player,” the judge said on WFAN on Tuesday morning. “He was a great locker room guy. I have a lot of respect for him from afar. I haven’t worked with him in person yet. “

Two things to glean from this comment: the judge clearly spoke to people in the Giants building to determine that last season Golden was “an excellent locker room guy.” The judge also used the word “yet” to describe the work with Golden. Of course, if Golden gets a better deal elsewhere, he won’t be returning to the Giants.

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“But hey, listen, we are doing what we thought was best for the team in terms of the use of tags, things are awarded through the CBA and the operation of the league,” said the judge. . “At this point, we are exploring many options for additions to the list. It’s a smooth process throughout the year. We don’t stop after the draft, we don’t stop after free agency. It really goes through the off-season and continues into the season.

“At no point will we say that we are established. We would like to get to a point sooner than later, we feel solid about the players and the positions, but there are external factors that you cannot always control that create movement at the positions. “

There is now a salary base to use for teams facing Golden, who might not be pleased with the way the Giants have handled this offer. It is perfectly legal, however, and Golden is free to speak to any team for any price. His market did not materialize as he envisioned when he proved he was in good health after a knee injury, starting the 16 games for the Giants and getting double-digit bags.

“I will not enter the contact section,” said the judge. “I am excited about the prospect of speaking with Markus and seeing where it goes.”


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