Joe Exotic, star of Tiger King, isolated in a coronavirus in prison


“Tiger King” star Joe Exotic is isolated while in prison for coronavirus problems, says her husband.

Twenty-four-year-old bartender Dillon Passage, Exotic’s fourth husband, was interviewed from his Florida home on Wednesday by Andy Cohen for his SiriusXM series “Andy Cohen Live”.

Passage, who reassured Cohen (and the nation as a whole) that “I love Joe” and that he has “no intention of leaving”, said Exotic jailers “put him in COVID isolation -19 “because in” the previous prison he was in, there were cases. However, he does not state that Exotic tested positive for COVID-19.

Exotic apparently was unable to watch the series while incarcerated, but was “ecstatic” when faced with people’s reaction; Passage says that Exotic “received hundreds and hundreds of emails in its mailbox.”

For the most fervent fan of “Tiger King”, Passage describes Exotic as a “power worm” and states that there were never any tigers present during the intimate moments of the pair.


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