Joe Douglas of the Jets quietly deposits $ 100 tips at the N.J. restaurant to support during the coronavirus pandemic: “I was surprised,” says the barman


The tall, bald guy with a beard entered Chatham’s River Grille to take his takeout order.

He told bartender Ryan Holsten, 29, that the order was under the name of Joe. Holsten searched and found nothing with this name.

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“It could be under Douglas,” said the tall, bald guy who wore Jets gear.

Holsten did not make the connection – that he was the general manager of the Jets. Holsten executed the man’s credit card and watched him walk away. Then he looked at the tip line – $ 100.

Shocked, Holsten shouted to Douglas before he could leave, “Thank you very much! I appreciate it! Douglas nodded casually and polite and headed for his car.

Holsten and colleagues did a quick internet search shortly after and confirmed it was Douglas, who works from home as he prepares for the NFL draft later this month. .

Each of the past three Sundays, Douglas has received roughly the same order at River Grille – burgers and children’s meals. And each time Douglas gave Holsten $ 100.

Holsten’s girlfriend Cara Daunno, 25, posted the latest receipt on Reddit – a $ 100 tip on an order of $ 101.90. This is how Douglas’s kindness – during the economic hardship of the coronavirus pandemic – became public.

As for Douglas, it seems he wants zero credit. NJ Advance Media asked him for comment, through a Jets spokesperson, and has yet to send the message back.

The pandemic has hit restaurant and bar workers hard, such as Holsten, a full-time bartender who has worked at River Grille for about eight months.

“It was quite difficult, but people took care of us,” he told NJ Advance Media Monday evening during a brief telephone interview between dinner orders.

Holsten remains impressed with Douglas’ $ 100 tips, which Holsten shared with his delivery driver.

“I was amazed,” said Holsten. “Super nice guy. “

Each time, said Holsten, Douglas simply took his order and left the tip.

“He was fairly calm,” said Holsten.

For Douglas’ last trip to River Grille, Sunday evening, he picked up on the sidewalk. Holsten went out to meet him and hand over the order.

“Thank you very much,” Holsten told Douglas after receiving another tip of $ 100.

Although Holsten feels affectionately for Douglas, he has no plans to change the allegiances of the NFL.

“In fact, I really like the Seahawks,” said Holsten. “But it’s always cool to see him come in. “

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