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Joe Biden Says Trump Will “Try To Roll Back Elections” In November



A study by the Department of Homeland Security shows the effects of sunlight, heat and humidity on the half-life of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.


WASHINGTON – Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested Thursday that President Donald Trump may try to delay the elections in November in order to win.

During the question and answer part of a virtual fundraiser with former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, Biden told his supporters, “I think he (Trump) will try to roll back the elections somehow find a justification for why this cannot be held. “

Trump has not suggested that he postpone the election, and the election date is set by federal law. The Congress fixes the “hours, places and modalities” of the elections ”, which means that only the Congress would be able to change the date of the elections.

Referring to the current controversy over the funding of the US postal service, Biden said, “He will do everything he can to make it difficult for people to vote. It’s the only way he thinks he can win. “

The postal service suffered a financial blow during the coronavirus pandemic, which, according to some Democrats, could jeopardize postal voting.

Speaking of foreign interference in the US election, Biden said, “You can rest assured between (Trump) and the Russians that there will be an attempt to interfere. “

Biden said that if elected president, he “would make it clear to foreign governments that they … will have to pay to interfere in our elections.”

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Biden also called the Wisconsin primary election a “giant warning rocket” for the nation about the dangers of voting during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that at least seven cases of coronavirus were linked to in-person voting in the state primary on April 7, although a “wave” of cases has yet to be detected as a result of primary.

“We need to determine how we are going to have complete, fair and secure elections in November, and no one should have to risk their lives to vote,” he said.

Biden made his remarks Thursday during a virtual fundraiser with 670 people, including celebrities like actors Kristin Chenoweth, Billy Porter and George Takei.

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