JK Rowling reveals she had ALL COVID-19 symptoms – but has never been tested


She knows how to keep secrets locked up – she wrote the book on them.

JK Rowling revealed that she had all of the symptoms of coronavirus, but has never been tested.

The author told fans that she has been silently suffering from what was likely COVID-19 for the past two weeks, but, luckily, has recovered fully.

The creator of Harry Potter announced the news on Monday, sharing a “vital” breathing technique she believed she had managed to get her through, after being advised by her medical doctor husband Neil Murray.

“Please watch this Queens Hospital document explaining how to relieve respiratory symptoms,” she tweeted. “In the past 2 weeks, I have had all of the symptoms of C19 (but have not been tested) and have done so on the advice of Doc Husband.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, fatigue, dry cough, and difficulty breathing.

The 54-year-old did not explain why she chose not to be tested; However, she reassured the concerned fans who immediately began to reach out.

“Thank you for your kind and charming messages! She followed a few hours later. “I am really completely recovered and wanted to share a technique recommended by the doctors, does not cost anything, has no unpleasant side effects but could help you / your loved ones, as it did me. Stay safe, everyone x “

In the video, the doctor advises a breathing technique for people with symptoms, adding that it is even useful to perform it before getting infected.

“What I want you to understand is that once you have an active infection, you have to get a good amount of air into the base of your lungs,” he says.

He instructs patients to take five deep breaths, hold for five seconds, a sixth deep breath followed by a cough, and repeat these steps a second time. Above all, he advises lying down on the front for ten minutes – not on the back, as most hospital patients are.

“Because you have to understand that the majority of your lungs are on your back, not your front. So by lying on your back, you close the smaller airways more. It’s not good during a period of infection, “he said, warning that it could lead to a second bout of pneumonia.

Although Rowling may have been lying on her chest while locking, she did not sit on his hands.

Last week, it launched the Harry potter at home hub, a new platform for entertaining new and old Potter fans with articles, quizzes, puzzles and craft videos, as well as reading guides for beginners.

Rowling has also used Twitter to prey on so-called “life coaches”, who pressure people to be productive during quarantine.

“If you are a” life coach “who suggests that people are losers if they don’t learn a new skill / build a brand during the lockdown, maybe stop. People have challenges that you know nothing about. Sometimes getting through something is more than enough, “she wrote.

“To imply that people are lazy or demotivated if they don’t hit masterpieces on a daily basis is not an inspiration, it is a form of shame. If an endless distraction cured the depression, no wealthy or workaholic would ever have committed suicide. t weaknesses, they are a natural human response to difficulty and danger. “

She added, “Allowing yourself to feel what you feel, and recognizing that we have good reason to feel it, is a better way to regain good mental health than to fight for not being superhuman. “

Nearly 50,000 people tested positive for COVID-19 in the UK, and almost 5,000 died.


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