Jimmy Fallon talks about his proposal to his wife Nancy at the “Tonight Show”



It’s not everyday that someone surprises you with a reservation at Per Se, one of Manhattan’s most exclusive restaurants (although some reviewers disagree), which is, for a reason any one, located in a very non-exclusive building complex at Columbus Circle. Over ten years ago, Nancy Juvonen, then Jimmy Fallon’s girlfriend, was one of those lucky people to have had a vacation day, but without her knowledge, it happened at the worst possible time: Fallon planned to offer him that evening, and he was sure hell was not going to do it with a Montauk dolphin with citrus fruits and black winter truffles. “I was dying to go to Per Se. It was like, Oh my God, this is a big deal; I really have to go to Per Se“, He remembers. “But I don’t want to get engaged in the restaurant. I wanted to engage in, like, Gramercy Park or something that will always be there, a classic. I didn’t want to go to a restaurant because if in 30 years the restaurant will change hands, and now it’s a laser place. “Children, this is where your mother and I got engaged, at the laser-tag house.” “


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