Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen give dating advice: WATCH



She made her list, checked it twice and realized that Jimmy Fallon could be her favorite Jimmy in the late evening after all. Tuesdays Tonight show, Nancy Juvonen’s dating advice took a personal turn when she recalled how Fallon turned out to be a babysitter all these years ago – and that’s because she sat down and wrote physically a list of what she wanted from a partner, just before meeting him on set Overexcitation. (We love the impeccable timing of the gods of love.) “It’s just a way to better understand what you’re looking for,” said Juvonen. “My old list is different. Rather, it was someone who loves family. I have dated people who do not really want to be part of the family and I love my family. So this is a big problem. Someone who had the same sense of pleasure as I did. And, looking at Daddy’s physique, “someone who’s really muscular and handsome and the most handsome prince in the world.” “He is not bothered by the deltoid disc, however. “I think,” added Fallon, “everyone at home knows how lucky I am. “


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