Jim Cornette defends Jerry Lawler’s “Ramen Noodle” comment, says modern wrestling fans are “Whiny Little Pussies”


Jim Cornette

Photo credit: Flickr.com

Jerry Lawler’s remark “ramen noodle moonsault” didn’t go nearly as well, but Jim Cornette doesn’t think people should be upset that the WWE legend tells a joke on TV.

Lawler, who returned to the comment office for the live episode of RAW last night, made a dubious remark while Akira Tozawa ran a scent out of the ring, calling it “Ramen Noodle Moonsault”.

Social media immediately announced it, noting how insensitive Lawler’s remark was, but Cornette went on Twitter and said it was nothing more than a joke and that today’s fans were mostly “whiny little pussies”.

So now people are mad at @JerryLawler for telling a joke. Now I understand why modern wrestling sucks, because most modern wrestling fans are so little weeping pussies that they don’t deserve a good fight. How do these people go out in public without bursting into tears? #GROAN

Lawler’s initial remark and Cornette’s response can be seen below:


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