Jets GM Joe Douglas restaurant tips $ 100


This tall, cool, funky man in a Jets cap goes to River Grille in Chatham, New Jersey on Sunday now, a golden retriever in the back, and uses his credit card to pay the $ 101 order.

And then add $ 100 for the tip.

The man’s name is Joe Douglas.

This is of course a sidewalk pickup, and bartender Ryan Holsten is waiting with the order from the general manager of the Jets.

Does he leave $ 100 each time?

“He has the last two times. … I don’t want to scare him back (laugh) or anything, ”Holsten told the Post.

Douglas is the general manager of a household with his wife Shannon and three children – the daughters Addison and Leighton and the son Thomas.

“He takes a few meals for the kids, I think a hamburger. … I don’t remember everything, ”said Holsten.

Holsten’s girlfriend Cara Gaunno posted on Sunday a photo of the tip check, with the last four Douglas credit card numbers crossed out.

Jets general manager Joe Douglas tips the scales in the midst of a coronavirus crisis
Jets general manager Joe Douglas tips the scales in the midst of a coronavirus crisisNew York Message: Charles Wenzelberg, Reddit

“It already has about 9,000 views,” said Holsten.

Holsten lives in Berkeley Heights, N.J. His girlfriend lives in Warren. When asked if he was a Jets fan, Holsten replied, “Yes, I really like the Jets. “

Does he have a message for Jets fans? “Do better this year,” he said with a laugh.

What would Holsten say to their general manager’s Jets fans?

“He’s a great guy, very caring, and he takes care of these local businesses,” he said.

The conversation between them is minimal, probably honoring social distance during this COVID-19 crisis.

“Not too much,” said Holsten, “but he was very supportive of me and my pocket too. “

But how did Holsten know that Douglas was GM of the Jets?

“He just looked like a big guy, and he had the Jets hat, and he said his name was Joe Douglas, and we looked for him,” said Holsten, “and he had a golden retriever at the back of his car, and just looked like a nice American guy. “

Imagine how happy Jamal Adams, who aspires to be one of the highest paid security guards in his next contract, could read this. A Hall of Fame basketball center was known as The Big Dipper. Joe Douglas should now be called The Big Tipper.


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