Jet2 announces when flights will resume


Jet2 has announced that it will resume flights in June.

In an update on the airline’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, Jet2, one of the main vacation providers at several Scottish airports, announced that all flights scheduled before June 17 would not continue.

Last month, the airline canceled all flights to destinations such as France and Spain.

Jet2 check-in at Edinburgh Airport during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

A spokesperson for Jet2 said in a statement, “We will contact all affected customers to discuss their options, one of which is a new reservation at a later date.

“We contact customers and process all existing requests in order of departure date, which we believe is the fairest way to handle this.

“The number of calls we have received is unprecedented, so you don’t need to contact us.

“Please be patient, and we thank customers in advance for their loyalty, understanding and patience.”

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Coronavirus in Scotland

They added, “Even though these are difficult times for everyone, the sun will come out again.

“When that happens, our award-winning teams will be there to take customers on vacation – a well-deserved vacation they can trust – once again.”


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