Jersey Shore recap: JWoww and Angelina go to war after the Vegas episode


When a serious drama enters Jenni “JWoww” Farley, her boyfriend Zack “24” Carpinello and Angelina Pivarnick detonated in Las Vegas last year, they agreed to put a pin in it until they could see the footage when the episode aired.

Thursday “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” was filmed after it finally happened and it was not pretty, as JWoww chased her costar and her boyfriend on social media – separating from 24 and ceasing to communicate with Angelina.

Yes, this is an episode of “Jersey Shore” in which the stars of “Jersey Shore” reacted by watching an episode of “Jersey Shore”.

Little reminder: in Vegas, the actors went out for a wild night in town. Jenni got drunk in the club, while 24 made Angelina uncomfortable with her behavior towards her at the club and in the elevator as they all returned to their suite. Check out the full recap of this episode here or watch the video above.

After it aired, JWoww aired on social media, saying she felt “disrespectful of someone I called a friend and someone who said they liked me.” Clearly, Jenni was not the only surprise by what she had seen.

“After watching the episode in Vegas, everyone was surprised,” Vinny said on Thursday. “After watching it, I think the whole world was shocked, including Jenni. After seeing it with her own eyes, Jenni went mad and reacted in her own way. I feel very bad for Jenni. Her divorce, her kids, and now to face another public breakup, Jenni doesn’t need it right now. “

Arriving at Snooki’s house to talk about “all the f-king drama that has happened since the episode aired,” Jenni joked that her life was “falling apart.”

“Nice to watch the episode,” she said wryly. “It broke my heart. I was literally sitting in my living room, blind. There was not even a clue how it happened. “

“As I watch this episode unfold, I watch how drunk and drunk I am, then watch my boyfriend who doesn’t help me at all and makes the situation worse by touching Angelina inappropriately, ”she continued. . “I deserved better than this night and it is something I cannot overcome. Believe me, he got his. “

She said the antics of the elevator alone were enough to discourage her. “I am mortified. I am so embarrassed. Right now, I’m not talking to Zack, “she added, saying that she had kicked him out and accused him of putting a” huge gap between her and her friends. “

This was clearly filmed at least a few days after the wicked Twitter war between her and Angelina, when Jenni seemed remorseful for dissipating her frustrations on her teammate. “I didn’t know how to deal with it and deal with it and it caused a really bad snowball with me and Angelina,” she admitted to a confessional.

The whole situation left her wondering if she should attend Angelina’s wedding festivities, which included her bridal shower, her bachelor party, and the ceremony itself, during which she was supposed to be a bridesmaid. honor.

Speaking to her fiancé Chris, Angelina was initially shocked by Jenni’s reaction.

“She finally sees him now and now she’s crazy about me, when I told her so many months ago ?! “, She exclaimed. Has this girl ever gone mad over my feelings? She never gave an f – k about my feelings, I don’t give an f – k about hers. It’s our wedding and I don’t mind that. I’m going to literally make sure I make my living hell. “

Deena, the only one who attended Angelina’s bridal shower, hoped to facilitate a peace agreement between her two costars. Speaking with Jenni, she explained that Angelina also had an argument with her bridesmaid, believing that Pivarnick “did not know how to solve the problems”. Deena added, “She’s fighting with her friends. “

She believed Angelina would like Jenni to always attend her bachelorette weekend in New Orleans, but “didn’t know how to express it.” Deena said the two were “too proud of their pride” in general, before asking JWoww what she thought about showing up at NoLa to surprise Angelina and express that she was ready to repair their relationship.

Jenni was down, traveling with Deena and helping her decorate Angelina’s hotel room in good faith.

“I feel the need to apologize,” she said in a confessional. “It is not easy for me, but I will do my best. I’m curious to see if we can ever come back to a good place. It’s like a series of unfortunate events. Let’s close this shit and start a new one. “

While she hoped to fix things with Angelina, it didn’t look as promising for 24 years.

“I literally told him that you caused this. I told you not to be stupid. You thought you were cool and you were stupid, ”Jenni told Deena after the decoration. “I don’t know how to overcome this when I look at it. Worst of all, he never showed that side for 5 months. So at 5 months, it was a really strong relationship with him. -k was it? It hurts. After watching this episode, you have to go, that’s it, it’s done, we don’t continue after that. “

The episode ended with Angelina showing up and seeing his surprise – with a tense conversation between the two teased for next week.

While all of this was going on, the boys planned their own location in Las Vegas. Ronnie, however, was MIA when the episode was filmed when he was arrested in an explosive fight with Jen Harley in an Airbnb.

He was first charged with criminal abduction, domestic violence, brandishing a weapon, endangering children, two counts of resistance to arrest and threats of crime. He pleaded not guilty to all charges and the charges of kidnapping, arms and criminal threats were dropped. The case is ongoing.

Responding to the headlines, Pauly said he hadn’t talked to Ron and that he was “just giving him space.” Mike added, “I would love to talk to him when he gets the chance, just to see where his head is. “

They both agreed that it was unhealthy for Ron to be with Jen, saying that he “probably feels a little ashamed” because they had warned him of it so many times before. “I just want to let him know that we support him as brothers and there is nothing to be ashamed of,” added Mike.

“Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” is aired on MTV on Thursday.


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