Jermaine Jenas Tells New Newcastle United Owners Four Things They Must Do


Jermaine Jenas has located four areas that potential future owners of Newcastle United must address to restore the club’s elite status in England.

Mike Ashley’s 13-year membership in St James’s Park Club is expected to end with a Saudi-backed consortium led by Amanda Staveley expected to take over.

With the club languishing in the bottom middle of the Premier League and facing a challenge to avoid relegation each season, Newcastle has somehow fallen from the title challenge.

However, Jenas explained how this could change with a new property and, first, it involves spending money on quality players.

Jermaine Jenas has made his verdict on the saga of Newcastle buyout

“If this rich consortium arrives, it will spend. They will not be full-fledged players, ”Jenas wrote in his column. “They see Everton move, the wolves move and think we want to be part of it.

“Are the Spurs losing their grip on what they thought they had? Arsenal falters. It’s a great time to start a club and target the top four. That’s what it’s about. “

Second, the club must eliminate the dead weight of the team.

“There has to be a complete restructuring of everything from top to bottom,” he added. “You would need to replace 70% of your team over the next two or three years. These are big jobs. “

Jenas was successful in Newcastle early in his career

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Securing lucrative sponsorships worthy of a club the size of Newcastle will also be key to the Magpies’ future success.

Jenas wrote, “You have to bring in sponsorships, invest in the city and get businesses and fans wishing to get involved with Newcastle United, and a Premier League brand of real stocks again. That way you can go and spend your money. ”

Finally, the sum of these actions will allow Newcastle to position itself as part of a potential “super league” that may emerge. “Also bubbling along the line, these investors could see this European Super League thing happen someday,” Jenas continued.

“I guess you have to be in a certain position to be part of this conversation. “

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