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Jeremy Piven recalls filming Kobe Bryant’s unused cameo for “Entourage”


Jeremy Piven says he met Kobe Bryant in an unused cameo on “Entourage”.

Entourage Actor Jeremy Piven says the show almost included a cameo from legendary Laker Kobe Bryant.

Jeremy Piven, Kobe Bryant, EntourageKevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Piven described the scene during an appearance on Cameo Cares, a fundraising initiative organized by Cameo. Funding from the event went to charity relief organizations against coronaviruses.

“A cameo that has never been seen was Kobe Bryant. God rests his soul, “said Piven. As you know, we filmed a lot in Staples (Center). We were there and I saw Kobe warming up so I went to him and he is still so present and courteous. The camera came, Kobe was just warming up, taking three, and I just walked into the character and told him I want to represent him, that I think he’s incredibly charismatic, and that ‘he can do a great job and be really prolific in the world of cinema. And he just took three, just saying, “No, man. I don’t have what Denzel has. I just don’t have it. It’s just not in me. “

“And while he is talking, he is so charismatic and fascinating and flows in threes without fail during the entire conversation. What’s so funny is that people don’t realize this is the game. You have an action, or an interrupted action, and its action was flowing in threes and talking to me. And just talking to me as himself, he was so charismatic. It was fascinating. “

Piven went on to say that the show didn’t end up using the footage, but whatever, Bryant’s appearance was his favorite cameo on the show.



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