Jeff King of Tiger King says Joe Exotic was filmed sleeping with zoo animals


Tiger King star Jeff Lowe has made sensational claims that Joe Exotic and her husband John Finlay were filmed sleeping with animals at the zoo.

Famous tiger breeder Joe, the star of the Netflix documentary, is currently in prison after being found guilty of conspiring to kill his sworn enemy Carole Baskin.

He fell into financial trouble before going to jail, and his former business partner Lowe struggled to control Joe’s wildlife park.

Since the documentary was released, Lowe has spoken and has now made shocking allegations of bestiality in the park during Joe’s reign.

In a new question-and-answer session with fans on Reddit, Lowe responded surprisingly to a request from a spectator.

Former Joe Exotic business partner alleged to have seen video footage of Tiger King and husband John Finlay sleeping with animals in their zoo

The disciple asked him, “Have you discovered bizarre bullshit on Joe Exotic …?” And Lowe claimed to have found a flash drive full of incriminating videos.

He alleges that they show Joe and his ex-John sleeping with animals at the zoo.

Lowe wrote: “I think the strangest thing we found … was a Joe and Finley thumb drive [sic] and they had sex with animals in the park.

“It would probably be the strangest thing about Joe. Thanks for the disturbing question. “

Jeff Lowe of Tiger King denied being the first husband of Carole Baskin

Carole was married to Michael Murdock before her second husband Don Lewis mysteriously disappeared

During the conversation, Lowe also took the opportunity to reject wild theories suggesting that he was truly Baskin’s first mysterious husband, Michael Murdock.

Fans of the show had shown a photo of Baskin with her first husband and his striking resemblance to Lowe.

Baskin also claimed that he had been violent to her and that Lowe had already been convicted of assaulting an ex-wife.

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However, Lowe is adamant that the rumor is not true.

He said, “She’s not my type.

“If I was stuck on a desert island with her, I would kiss a coconut. I saw the photos side by side.

“It’s more like the child in love with John and Joe. “


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