Jay Glazer Teases NFL Player’s Coronavirus Diagnosis as “Big, Big” News


1. Really? Like really?

Members of the media shovel scoops and sell stories is an age-old tradition. I do it every day when I have to plug Traina Thoughts into Twitter. But there are limits.

I’m not sure what Jay Glazer and Fox were thinking in the past few days when they decided to 1) hold on, and 2) tease a story about the Rams Brian Allen center testing positive for coronavirus, but it was quite ashamed.

It all started on Tuesday with Glazer promising “big, big” news.

With the NFL draft in a week and the NFL season in limbo, it was natural for fans to speculate on the news. Glazer tried to make it clear that he didn’t have a transactional bomb, but it only made matters worse because people thought it was news for the coming season.

Even though it was the typical news, Glazer is so good at breaking – a craft, a shot, etc. – holding it for 24 hours would be strange. But teasing a revelation of coronavirus is just unpleasant.

However, that’s what Glazer did, revealing the news of Allen’s diagnosis on Wednesday night.

Does the first NFL player publicly acknowledge that he has tested positive for big news about the coronavirus? Sure.


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