Jared Kushner’s Coronavirus Overbreadth Putting More American Lives at Risk | Lloyd Green | Opinion


Jared Kushner is not one to turn for good political advice. More recently, he reportedly told the President that Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, was “alarmist” after announcing that his state needed 30,000 fans to weather the pandemic.

To add insult to injury, Kushner also boasted of his own wisdom and told those gathered that Cuomo was wrong. According to Vanity Fair, Kushner said, “I have all this data on the capacity of intensive care. I’m making my own projections and I’ve gotten a lot smarter about it. New York doesn’t need all the fans. “

Princeling helped put American lives and bodies into play. New York hospitals have become combat zones, its morgues and funeral homes look like slaughterhouses. Meanwhile, the United States is locked in and the administration is predicting up to a quarter of a million deaths, even if all goes well.

American carnage is now. We could witness more deaths in a few months than his troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam after years of fighting.

When Mike Pence compares the United States to Italy, we have a problem whose glaring scars will be felt long after Donald Trump’s departure. The coronavirus will not disappear in a few days despite the President’s previous assurances. Trump has ignored the intelligence community and its national security personnel, and now we have to pay a collective price.

Unfortunately, Kushner does not only suffer from intellectual excess. Self-negotiation may also have appeared in the midst of the crisis, and we have already seen this film. Earlier, the Kushners had attempted to attract capital from China, touting EB-5 visas in return for investment, and turned to Anbang, a Chinese conglomerate, to get them out of their real estate positions.

When Kushner bragged about data and Trump talked about website testing, they were probably referring to Oscar Health, an insurance company linked to the Kushner family. In turn, Oscar appears to have been involved in government efforts to map the spread of the disease.

Jared’s brother Josh Kushner still has a piece of Oscar, reports and documents say, and Jared sold out late after joining government. If the Trump organization can bill the secret service when they keep the president in his personal property, why can’t the Kushner kids make money with the taxpayer?

Unfortunately, none of this should surprise you. Kushner never deigned to reveal his SF-86, his federal disclosure form, a prerequisite for obtaining a security clearance, until he was trapped by external events, the drop of leaks incessant, headlines and audiences.

The delays in obtaining Kushner’s security clearance were believed to be due more than to his failure to properly complete the relevant documents. Questions swirled about ties to foreign investors, foreign governments and contacts. In the end, Kushner received his White House security clearance the same way he entered Harvard – “Daddy” pulled very expensive strings.

Admittedly, this is not the first time that Kushner has endangered his stepfather’s political career. In 2017, Ivanka’s husband urged Trump to fire FBI director James Comey. According to him, career FBI agents, Democrats and Trump’s base would applaud the dismissal.

False. The thing “get rid of this curious priest” didn’t work so well the first time. Ask Henry II. In death, Thomas Becket was revered.

The president gained access to Kushner and a political wreckage ensued. In this context, Steve Bannon, the mastermind of Trump’s campaign in 2016, compared Kushner to “the air” and mocked him as a “dope”.

In case someone forgets, Bob Mueller has been suing Trump and his campaign staff for two years. Paul Manafort is in prison while Mike Flynn and Roger Stone are awaiting sentencing.

To further complicate matters, Trump can no longer deliver a speech to Congress without Nancy Pelosi smiling at him over the shoulder or tearing up his lyrics. Seen from this angle, Jared helped cost the GOP its control over the House of Representatives.

If Kushner was not married to the boss’s daughter, he wouldn’t be near the oval desk. But Trump treats the presidency as a family business, and we know how it ended before: a bankruptcy passel and a bunch of debt.

These days, the sun sets later, but darkness will cast its broad shadow sooner.


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