Japanese ministers seek business aid for supplies


Concerns have increased in Japan over possible shortages of essential medical supplies. The ministers therefore call on business leaders to help boost local production.
Health Minister Kato Katsunobu and Industry Minister Kajiyama Hiroshi met with leaders of two large companies on Tuesday: the Japan Association of Corporate Executives and the Japan Business Federation.
Kajiyama said that products made in countries such as China and Vietnam are in high demand and will likely become difficult to obtain.
Kajiyama asked business leaders to make sure domestic manufacturers have enough materials, parts and engineers to increase production.
The president of the Japan Business Federation, Nakanishi Hiroaki, said he was ready to cooperate fully in this time of national crisis.
The automotive giant Toyota Motor has already offered its support.
He says he will provide know-how on improving productivity to medical device manufacturers to increase production of ventilators and other items.
He also plans to make face shields for medical workers.


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