Jamie Carragher targets barely veiled search in Tottenham and Newcastle with Liverpool leave request


Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher targeted an indirect search like Tottenham and Newcastle after the Reds quashed their decision to put some of their non-playing staff on government leave.

After criticism from a number of prominent figures, including Carragher himself, Liverpool reversed its intention to put a number of workers on temporary leave and apologized to the supporters for their handling of the situation.

Spurs and Newcastle are two of the other Premier League teams to have announced plans to withdraw their staff so far, and Carragher urged them to follow Liverpool’s lead in reconsideration.

Jamie Carragher was among those who criticized Liverpool for their initial decision to put staff on leave

Following the statement by Liverpool CEO Peter Moore, Carragher went to Twitter to say, “Well done @PeterMooreLFC @LFC, a big mistake at the start and luckily now it has been fixed. “

After several tweets from rival supporters criticizing his remarks, Carragher added, “My schedule seems more angry now that the LFC has changed its mind about vacation payments than when it did at the start!”

“They made a mistake, the fans were very vocal and the club knocked him down with pressure, shame or common sense.

“Go after the clubs that haven’t changed their tactics !! “

Gary Lineker also praised Liverpool for the move while urging other clubs to ignore the leave plan as well, saying, “It is good to see that some of our biggest football clubs are supporting their non-player staff.

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“This is an important moment for our game. People, and fans in particular, will remember those who stand up and do what is right in these extraordinarily trying times. “

Meanwhile, Manchester United has told staff it will not use the government program.

United, which has about 900 full-time employees, says they will continue to pay all staff as they normally do.

But all those who cannot work from home or those with reduced workloads were strongly encouraged to devote time to the NHS or their local communities.


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