Jamie Carragher on Luis Suarez’s reaction to a bite incident – and how much it cost Liverpool


Jamie Carragher says Luis Suarez initially tried to deny that he bit Branislav Ivanovic in a Premier League clash between Liverpool and Chelsea seven years ago, but ultimately it could have cost the Reds the title of the next season.

Suarez was famous for 10 games following the April 2013 incident, which resembled that of his Ajax match.

The Uruguayan missed the last five games of the 2012/13 season and the first five games of 2013/14, which ended with the Reds’ victory over Manchester City near the title.

After three successive 1-0 victories in their first three league games of the season, the Reds tied 2-2 at Swansea and lost 1-0 at home to Southampton, losing five points that would have been crucial in the race at the end of the season.

Suarez first claimed that he had not bitten Ivanovic

And Carragher – who retired between the two seasons – says the absence of Suarez was crucial.

“When he entered the locker room, Luis actually denied it at first, probably hoping that the cameras hadn’t caught him,” Carragher told Sky Sports when asked about his memories of the match at the on the seventh anniversary of the incident.

“I think he missed the first four or five games in the following season when Liverpool almost won the title, Suarez was their best player.

He was finally banned for 10 games

“There have been two games in which Liverpool lost points, I think they lost to Southampton 1-0 and retired to Swansea, so five points were lost in the first four or five games and Luis Suarez did not play. “

“In his form that season, there was a good chance that he shot one of those games.

“This act and the ban he obtained probably affected Liverpool more next season as there was not too much constituency that season. “

Liverpool lost 1-0 to Southampton in September 2013, future Reds defender Dejan Lovren scoring

Carragher said the incident summed up Suarez’s character.

“He already did it at Ajax before his arrival, there was a situation that pushed Liverpool to move him, he still wanted to go to Barcelona and something happened during the World Cup” , he added.

“He’s frustrated, I played by his side, you know it’s bad but you go out and defend your player and try to stay together as a club and support him. “

Carragher and Suarez have played together for two and a half years

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“I think it affected him at the time.

“After watching him against Liverpool last season, I’m not sure there is a player who wanted so much to win … we talk about crossing the finish line, he does it several times.

“Clashing with a former Liverpool club, he was not bothered by the fact that the Kop gave him a stick or had Andy Robertson kicked out or upset the Liverpool players.

“Even if it bothered me to watch him, I admired him too because that is what made him such a fantastic player, he was a winning man at all costs. “


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