Jamie Carragher identifies two Liverpool signatures who were “really poor” from day one


Jamie Carragher recalled how two former Liverpool midfielders overcame tough starts at the club and ultimately won the team and the fans with their performances.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Carragher said the team was less than impressed by the arrival of 5.6 million pounds Mohamed Sissoko when he signed for Valencia in 2005, shortly after Liverpool’s League victory champions in Istanbul.

When asked if the players are improving after an installation period, Carragher said: “Most often in Liverpool, the best players have settled in very quickly, but I can think of a couple. I think Momo Sissoko was one.

“He ended up being a very good player for us in the midfield. A destructive type of player, not great technically.

Carragher says Sissoko has finally won the team

“But in his first training sessions, he looked really bad with the ball.

“People are always wondering what it looks like when new recruits arrive, and professional footballers in the best clubs, or at any level, we are all the same as when you are with your friends five by side.

“If someone comes in new and the first few passes give or they have trouble with the ball, you all look at each other and say” oh what have we done? “What do we have here?”

“I think that was definitely the case with Momo Sissoko. “

Sissoko has proven to be a popular player for the Reds

Sissoko played 87 times for the Reds, winning the FA Cup in 2006, and was something of a fan favorite at Anfield before his 2008 transfer to Juventus.

Prior to his arrival, Carragher said that German midfielder Dietmar Hamann had taken some time to settle in Merseyside following an 8 million pound move from Newcastle in 1999.

“I think Didi Hamann was part of it as well,” said Carragher.

“It wasn’t that the player looked poor, but what he did in Liverpool… his first season, it took him a little while to show why we spent this money on him and what work he was going to be on the team.

Hamann was a key player under Houllier and Benitez

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“So obviously, it became a revelation and was part of this successful era of Gérard Houllier and Rafa Benitez.

“But the first season, you were sort of watching it and thinking you needed a little bit more, and that’s what Didi provided.

“But I would say that Sissoko was the big player you think, in six months you think” wow. He looks like a good Premier League player. ”


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