James Argent loses five stones as he prepares to marry Gemma Collins after rehabilitation


James “Arg” Argent is said to have lost five stones in order to marry his girlfriend Gemma Collins.

The former TOWIE star, 32, has reportedly lost about five stones since last April, and all of that is ahead of the marriage of the self-proclaimed Diva.

Gemma and Arg have postponed their plans for the wedding so that the troubled star can focus on her health – according to Heat magazine – after going to rehab after an alleged “drug overdose”.

A source told the media, “Gemma wants them to start a family together as soon as possible. But she also takes her health into account and knows that Arg is better is more important than anything. “

Arg and Gemma plan to get married – but Gem wants to focus on her health first

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The reality star has entered rehab in the New Year to try to solve her alcohol and weight problem.

In October, fears were expressed that the star would collapse while alone at home when he was not responding to Gemma, and she was forced to call 999.

Fast forward a few months, and Arg is more beautiful than ever.

Arg has worked hard to lose weight in recent months

He looks thinner than ever right now

In addition to her snapshot released last week, the star wrote: “I am progressing, inside and out. One day at a time ❤ »

He was also spotted swinging a jumper of his girlfriend while he was running, using it as his biggest motivation.

As for the marriage, Gem teased that the pair had got engaged in recent months.

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In January, she rang wedding bells when she was seen trying on dresses in a store.

She then shared a snapshot in February and told fans to “make the leap year count,” which suggested that Arg had finally offered the blunt star.

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