Jameis Winston: Joining the New Orleans Saints ‘a Harvard education in QB school’


After five seasons as a starting quarterback with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jameis Winston says he’s ready to learn behind Drew Brees with the New Orleans Saints.

Winston spoke on Instagram Live Tuesday shortly after he officially joined the Saints on a one-year contract and said he believed there was no better place to improve as a smuggler than New Orleans.

“Being part of the New Orleans Saints, being part of Drew Brees, Taysom Hill, Sean Payton, coach Joe Lombardi, coach Pete Carmichael. When you think about this play, it’s like an education at Harvard at a neighborhood school, “said Winston, for NFL.com. “I wanted to put my ego aside, put the money [aside], think of my family, think of my career. [There] was no better position than being in the same room with someone I really admired, someone I admire since I played this game in Drew Brees. “

It was a roller coaster season for Winston in 2019, as he led the league passing yards to 5109 and threw 33 touchdowns, but also threw 30 interceptions. Winston’s rushing total also becomes less impressive when he takes into account that he led the NFL in total passing attempts with 626.

Drafted No. 1 overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2015, Winston has a combined entry record of 28-42. It was little change from the state of the franchise before his arrival as Tampa has not made the playoffs since 2007.

Bucs signed Tom brady on a two-year contract earlier in the off season, putting an end to any chance that Winston would get a final shot early in Tampa.

“I have done great things with the Bucs,” said Winston. “I’m going to miss being a starting quarterback. But you never know what’s going on. I think it’s just a great and unique step to join Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints and learn from it, learn from one of the best to do it and make a great transition in my career.

“There is a proverb: humility comes before honor, so I have to humiliate myself. It’s a unique opportunity to be with Drew Brees and be with the New Orleans Saints and get ready, just get ready when my next opportunity arises. “

The Alabama native won the Heisman Trophy at Florida State in 2013, becoming the youngest to win the award at 19 years and 342 days old. This mark has since been broken by the Baltimore Ravens quarterback and former Louisville cardinal Lamar jackson.


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