Jake Wood of EastEnders shares a special bond with Jill Gascoigne with Childhood Snap


Jake Wood paid tribute to the late great Jill Gascoigne when the news of the legendary actress passed away today.

EastEnders’ favorite, 47, explained how The Gentle Touch actress “inspired” him to become an actor when he landed his first television role when he was just 11 years old .

After learning that the legendary 83-year-old actress had lost her ten-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Jake went on Twitter to share his respect for Jill.

Along with a sweet snapshot of his very first television role when he starred in The Gentle Touch in 1984, the actor talked about the close bond he shared with Jill.

Jake Wood paid an astonishing tribute to the late great Jill Gascoigne

He also insisted that without his advice, he would never have had the confidence to continue his quest for an actor.

The soap star told his 446,000 Twitter followers: “My very first job on TV was 11 years old with Jill Gascoigne in” The Gentle Touch “.

“I never forgot her generosity and kindness to me. “

Jake then told his fans how Jill welcomed him into the industry with open arms.

Jake then told his fans how Jill welcomed him into the industry with open arms.

He added: “His welcome in the industry with open arms and encouragement inspired me to want to be an actor. RIP x. “

The EastEnders’ favorite starred as Duncan in the 1984 detective drama series.

Moments after the TV star shared her precious memories of Jill, the fans rushed to send their best wishes and condolences.

Not only that though, as avid EastEnders fans were taken aback by the fact that Jake hasn’t changed at all since he was a child.

Gentle Touch star reportedly died yesterday in California nursing home

One fan wrote to the actor, “Sorry about your loss. How lucky have you been to work with her. You haven’t changed a bit since. “

Another added, “It is so sad to hear this news. You had an amazing mentor at such a young age and it shows. ”

With a third saying: “Oh Jake, what great memories to have. You look exactly like what you were doing then – so precious. ”

“It is such a beautiful memory. What a blessing, ”reassured another.

Jill lost his ten-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease

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The Gentle Touch star died yesterday in a California nursing home.

Jill’s son Adam confirmed the news on his Facebook page and said his mother “no longer suffers.”

The statement read: “She suffered from Alzheimer’s for 10 years, so today was a thankful release.

“The family is well and relieved that they are no longer in pain. “


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