Jake Tapper from CNN to Trump: “What’s the plan to get out of this?” “


President Trump answers questions from reporters almost every day, but that doesn’t mean he answers them. The President is continuously responding to urgent media questions about the coronavirus pandemic by attacking journalists who pose them, regardless of their relevance or importance.

“You are a third-rate journalist. And what you just said is a shame, “said Trump on Monday.

“It was a bad question from CNN,” Trump said on April 4.

“You are simply unable to ask a question in a positive way,” Trump said on Monday.

You read correctly. In the midst of a global pandemic and tens of thousands of infected and dead Americans, the President is upset that journalists are not asking questions in a positive way and are rather asking difficult questions, questions he clearly does not want answer, questions to which it does not. you want to think about, like the April 6 HHS Inspector General’s report that interviewed 323 American hospitals that lacked testing equipment, not to mention PPE, masks, intensive care beds, or more, questioned by FOX News Kristin Fisher.

“I know you don’t want to talk about the Inspector General’s report, but testing is still a big problem in this country,” said Fisher.

“We are the federal government. We are not supposed to be around the corner to test, “said Trump on Monday. “You should say,” Congratulations, great job, “instead of being so horrible in the way you ask a question. “

There is nothing horrible about the question. Mr. Speaker, on March 6 you visited the CDC, and you said that anyone who wants a test can do it. It wasn’t true then. This remains false today.

Any responsible exit from this situation requires much more widespread testing than the United States currently. What’s the plan to speed it up even more, sir? How many more Americans will be tested? And when? Then there is this question from Weijia Jiang of CBS.

“Yesterday, Jared Kushner said that the concept of federal stock was supposed to be our stock. These are not supposed to be state stocks that they use next. What did he mean by “our”? Said Jiang.

The president responded by calling it a gotcha question. It’s not. And to say that the journalist should be ashamed of herself. She should not.

But, Mr. President, the American people want to know what, in your opinion, is the responsibility of the federal government when it comes to helping states get their supplies from the federal stock? Colorado’s Democratic Governor said FEMA came in and seized fans his state was trying to get, then a few days later you announced that you were giving fans to Colorado because of the efforts of a Republican senator vulnerable from that state.

What do you mean with Jared Kushner when you say “our” stock? What is the plan with the stock? Then there is this question from Francesca Chambers of McClatchy.

“The paycheck protection program had a confused start for some small businesses,” said Chambers.

“I don’t think so,” said Trump.

Trump interrupted him for disagreeing and criticized Chambers for not asking him – quote – “a positive question”, about how the program started – quote – “a great start”. Look, Mr. Chair, everyone wants this program to work, but the fact remains that there are problems with the paycheck protection program.

How are these folds corrected? What is the plan? Attacking journalists who ask questions does not make those questions disappear. It only reveals that you may not have the answers.

Again, sir, respectfully, what is the plan to get out of this situation? Have you a?


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