Jake Gyllenhaal reveals hilarious email he received from Hugh Jackman after ignoring his reverse challenge nomination


Par Becca Longmire.

Jake Gyllenhaal spoke about this viral reversal challenge in an appearance on Tuesday’s The Late Show.

Gyllenhaal was appointed by Tom Holland to put a shirt on his head while doing the handstand, and he seemed to nail it to the camera. However, the actor admitted that a lot of work went into the clip behind the scenes.

After Stephen Colbert pointed out that Ryan Reynolds had refused to do the job, Gyllenhaal said, “I was going to do the same thing until that morning when he already posted him to say no.

” Then I thought, Oh well, now I have to … I’m going to have to try this. “

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He also said that he tried to be smart, but his phone won.

” I thought, oh i’m going to be funny and i’m going to flip my camera upside down and i’m going to do it the right way“Gyllenhaal explained. ” And I will let the shirt fall into my hands. “

Gyllenhaal named 50 Cent, Hugh Jackman and his sister Maggie, but all but his brother snubbed him.

He told Colbert, “Hugh Jackman and 50 Cent did not respond at all. “

“I sent an email to Hugh Jackman. I said, “Come on, man,” said Gyllenhaal. “And he said,” I hope you are well. “It’s not his email.

“My sister probably did it better than anyone who has done it before. “

See more in the clip above, and watch Gyllenhaal and Colbert discuss the sourdough bread below.

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