Jake Gyllenhaal Crushed Tom Holland’s Tipping Challenge and The Internet Likes It


Holland appointed Gyllenhaal to try to maintain the upside down position while putting on a T-shirt. Gyllenhaal did it – while making it too easy.

“Wait. @ Tomholland2013 What is the challenge ??? Heavy shirtless breathing ?? Gyllenhaal teased his co-star “Spider-Man: Far From Home”.

Holland original video shows him struggling to put on a shirt. After finally succeeding, he falls to the ground while trying to catch his breath.

Gyllenhaal fans on the Internet were more than happy with his video.

“Call me old-fashioned, but I was raised to take care of my husband,” joked a Twitter user. “Prepare his meals, wash his clothes and make sure he has a clean house to go home to. I live to meet all his requests. “

The tweet, which can appear sexist, is a meme widely distributed on Twitter.

“What is Jake Gyllenhaal doing and how do you make sure he never stops?” Another person tweeted.

Holland also appointed Ryan Reynolds to participate in the challenge, but he hilarious declined.


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