Jack Black’s 40 shirtless dance takes TikTok by storm


With plenty of time on their hands, the 50-year-old star and leader of Tenacious D has honed his dancing skills, and the hilarious results can be seen in a TikTok video that cheers up viewers around the world.

Black got her start on the social networking video sharing app, wearing nothing but a Stetson, sports shorts and cowboy boots to perform her “quarantine dance”.

In the 30-second freestyle video, which appears to have been filmed in his backyard, Black offers a series of questionable tricks, kicks, and jumps. He even tries Russian squat dance.

At one point in the energetic dance, the star of “School Of Rock” and “Jumanji” really gets into it and loses his hat.

He subtitled the sequence “Quarantine Dance #reallifeathome #distancedance #happyathome #boredathome”.

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As of Wednesday, the video had been viewed more than 2 million times and garnered nearly 300,000 likes.

Black is the latest in a series of celebrities to join TikTok since the start of the coronavirus crisis.

Gordon Ramsay, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Jason Derulo and Millie Bobby Brown have also posted TikTok dances and skits.


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