ITV Virtual Grand National: Everything you need to know about this year’s event and how to watch it


The Grand National may have canceled for the first time in 181 years of history due to the Coronavirus – but a different event will take place this weekend.

All is not lost for fans of horse racing – who can still cheer on the 40 horses in the virtual race.

Indeed, this year, a virtual Grand National will be organized, all the profits from betting will go to the NHS at a time when the health service is most needed; the event is expected to raise £ 1 million to support NHS charities.

  • What is a virtual Grand National?

Although this is the first time you have heard of a virtual Grand National, it is not the first time that it has been organized.

A virtual edition of the famous horse race takes place every year, in fact; in 2018, the computer correctly predicted Tiger Roll to win and obtained three top five markers.

The race will be simulated based on form and other factors affecting an actual race, with 40 runners and virtual runners taking place.

The main difference this year is that the virtual race will be televised, with ITV showing it instead of their normal Aintree live coverage.

In addition to a virtual representation of this year’s race, there will also be a special Champions Race, where the winners of history will meet.

  • When is the Virtual Grand National?

ITV will present the Virtual Grand National on ITV1 and the ITV hub for everyone to watch on Saturday 4 April.

The CGI version of the race will see the 40 runners and virtual runners present on the course shortly after 5 p.m.

An ITV spokesperson said: “The Grand Virtual National is about to be a big televised event and immense credit must be given to the organizers for hosting the nation’s favorite race at a time when fans sports fans are hungry for live action. “

Yes – the race will be simulated based on form and other factors affecting a real race, so seasoned bettors who have studied the whole season can still get involved.

Those looking to have their traditional float once a year will also be able to make their choices based on the usual criteria of names and colors, as they would in a normal race, with odds reflecting the real odds of runners and riders.

A number of bookmakers will have odds on their websites before the race and Tiger Roll is expected to lead the market.

£ 10 is the maximum bet available and bookmakers make profits available to the NHS Charities Group.

Here are the 40 runners of this year’s Grand National Virtual, with their current odds (as of April 2):

1 tiger roll, 5-1

2 Bristol De Mai, 20-1

3 Aso, 66-1

4 Elegant escape, 20-1

5 Anibale Fly, 20-1

6 Top Ville Ben, 45-1

7 Beware of the bear, 33-1

8 Peregrine Run, 66-1

9 Jett, 50-1

10 Alpha Des Obeaux, 25-1

11 Total recall, 40-1

12 The storyteller, 40-1

13 magic of light, 18-1

14 Talkischeap, 25-1

15 Yala Enki, 28-1

16 Ballyoptics, 25-1

17 Saint Burrows, 12-1

18 Definitely red, 14-1

19 Second Lieutenant, 33-1

20 Ok Corral, 25-1

21 Anything goes, 80-1

22 vintage clouds, 33-1

23 Crievehill, 66-1

24 Lad Lake View, 50-1

25 jury functions, 40-1

26 Pleasant Company, 28-1

27 Acapella Bourgeois, 33-1

28 Broken Love, 66-1

29 Any second now, 10-1

30 Potters Corner, 18-1

31 Dounikos, 50-1

32 Kildisart, 50-1

33 Death Duty, 50-1

34 Ramses De Teillee, 66-1

35 Valtor, 66-1

36 Saint Xavier, 66-1

37 Warriors Tale, 80-1

38 Double Shuffle, 100-1

39 Kimberlite candy, 16-1

40 Walk in the mill, 16-1


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