ITV The Chase’s Anne Hegerty in awe of Merseyside’s “totally sensational” player


Anne Hegerty of Chase was in shock after a Merseyside competitor stole the show.

Mark de Wirral was on the show that aired today, alongside Peter, Kate and Gill, with the aim of beating The Governess.

The first was Mark who didn’t really know he was going to be on the show.

Mark explained that while he was in hospital with appendicitis, colleagues Sue and Matt enrolled him in the program.

Bradley Walsh congratulated Mark

Back home, the 47-year-old is part of a local quiz league – but on this occasion he hoped to win big and have a vacation in Canada.

But no one expected what happened next when he broke the cash generator by getting £ 9,000.

Host Bradley Walsh was impressed, he said, “What an incredible start,” and applauded Mark.

Anne added, “Very, very, very well indeed. “

During the head to head, Mark had no trouble answering a very difficult question to win a place in the final round.

Anne Hegerty was amazed by Mark

Anne said, “I am always full of respect for the Merseyside quizzes, they have some of the best quiz leagues in Britain.

“I had a suspicion before going up the stairs that I wouldn’t catch you because you are a great player. “

And viewers also agreed when they visited Twitter to congratulate Mark.

Ben Church said, “He’s very good. “

Danno tweeted, “Great start. Respect. “

Chris Parish wrote: “Guys on fire – £ 9k cash builder. “

Syad said, “Good number one player – amazing 9k. “

Another tweeted, “Well done, mark that you were clearly alone, boy. “

And James Doe said, “Mark. It was absolutely sensational. “

Mark’s hard work paid off by winning £ 13,000 with competitors Gill and Peter.

* This episode is a rehearsal from 2016.


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