Its video calls are not encrypted from start to finish


It’s a whole new day with a whole new privacy issue for the popular Zoom video calling app. The Intercept released a report last night pointing out that Zoom’s claim to have end-to-end encryption for its meetings is not true.

The video conferencing company boasts of end-to-end encryption on its website and in a separate security white paper. However, The Intercept report found that the service uses transport encryption instead.

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Transport encryption is a Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol that secures the connection between you and the server to which you are connected. This is the same encryption that is used in a secure connection between you and any website with the HTTPS protocol. The main difference between transport encryption and end-to-end encryption is that Zoom (or the server you are connected to) will be able to see your data.

Zoom security white paper noting that the app has end-to-end encryption