It’s not you, Chromebooks are hard to find


If you are one of the millions of people who recently found themselves displaced from work or school and who now live remotely, chances are you ended up buying a new laptop to do your work . You may have received your stimulus check or your tax return and you are looking for an essential replacement for an aging PC. If you’re having trouble finding a recent Chromebook at a reasonable price, you’re not alone.

Everyday “normal” stores like Best Buy would have dozens of Chrome OS devices in any price range, with a discount of 20% or more. Unfortunately, supply (or lack thereof) and demand have not only depleted stocks, but have pushed prices up compared to MSRP in some cases and have virtually wiped out all the decent sales you would normally find at sellers like Amazon , BH Photo, Best Buy, etc. . Although I am not a market expert, it is not difficult to guess the cause of the now limited supply of Chromebooks. For starters, when millions of students and employees were driven home, many found themselves looking for a light, inexpensive device capable of handling video conferences and tasks such as accessing Google Classroom , Drive, Gmail and other online products. Chromebooks are perfectly suited to such a need and, therefore, they were probably the benchmark for many buyers looking to meet this need.

So the demand is there and it has reduced the inventory available to most sellers. However, the supply has probably been reduced for obvious reasons. A recent Fox Business interview with Pan American President of Acer, Gregg Prendergast, revealed that the company had stockpiled EDUs towards the end of the year to prepare for the Chinese New Year, when many manufacturers in that region shut down during a week to celebrate the holidays. Because of this, the Chromebook giant was sitting on an armada of school devices, but then the pandemic happened. Production has not resumed as usual and I assume that the devices that should supply the retail market were simply not made. Combine that with the fact that Amazon, a huge seller of PCs and accessories, has shifted its focus to housing medical and essential supplies in the midst of the pandemic. This has resulted in massive delivery and inventory delays for the countless Amazon sellers who use the company’s warehouses for the Fulfilled by Amazon program.

I’m probably not telling you anything you didn’t already know, but I’m sure there are many who are still looking for a decent Chromebook and who have been left out in this attempt. So what are you doing Where can you shop for a Chromebook that won’t cost you $ 1,000? When will stocks return to normal? I will do my best to help you with the first two requests, but alas, the last question is for anyone. If you need to get your hands on a Chromebook right now, we have a few suggestions to help you save at least a little money and hopefully make sure you’re buying from a reliable source.

Best buy

As I mentioned, Best Buy’s Chromebook inventory has been reduced significantly. Even refurbished models from Geek Squad are rare and most of them are sold at retail, making them less desirable at best. There are still savings to be made if you play your cards correctly. If you have a student in your home or perhaps yourself a student or school employee, you may be eligible for the Best Student Student Deals program. Membership is free and you can often save 10% or more on select products to include Chromebooks. You can subscribe to student offers here. You can also find the limited list of Chromebooks on sale from Best Buy at the link below. Again, it’s a dice roll to close a deal, but they’re there if you have the right time

Best Buy Chromebook Deals


Amazon is a little more difficult to navigate than most retailers that also exist as brick and mortar stores. First, you need to make sure you know who you’re buying from. If the seller is not actually Amazon and the order for products is not executed by Amazon, I recommend that you take a close look at the storefront before you pull the trigger. There are many reputable sellers on Amazon who manage sales and shipping themselves, but you will want to make sure and check the companies’ notes, return policies, and shipping times. If a seller has not evaluated in the past 6 to 12 months, I would remain clear.

Then do your research on the device you’re buying. Many sellers like to add a year to the Chromebook they sell to make it appear to be the most recent device on the market. It is not unusual to see something like “New, Acer Chromebook R11 2020” in a list. Well, it’s 2020 and this Chromebook may be new in the box, but it’s still a laptop that was originally produced in 2015 and it won’t get any more updates in 2022. It’s common to see lists like these and the price will be $ 300 or more. Not an affair by any stretch of the imagination. If you want to find devices that we consider the best deal in their perspective price range, check out the Chrome store.

BH Photo

BH Photo may not be your first stop when buying a Chromebook, but the retailer has been an authorized Google and Chrome OS reseller for quite some time and they have a wide variety of devices available at all times. . Currently, the company’s website lists 33 Chromebooks in stock and they have a great reputation with buyers. You may not find “great deals”, but you will find competitive prices, free 2-day delivery and a 30-day return policy. BH is also one of the best places to find frequent deals on smart home devices like Nest speakers and smart displays. You can find all of BH Photo’s available Chromebooks at the link below.

Buy Chromebooks at BH Photo


Finally, Walmart offers a plethora of Chromebooks available when you shop online. This is thanks to the network of companies’ resellers. Like Amazon and eBay, Walmart has third-party sellers integrated into its online store. You will find reputable names such as Electronic Express, Beach Audio and more. For in-store products, you can usually place your order and collect it in an hour or less. Like Amazon, you’ll want to check out the seller who is ordering, but if you need to have a Chromebook, Walmart has pretty much any device you can think of or want. If you are unsure of a price, leave a comment below and we will be happy to help you verify the price.

Buy Chromebooks at Walmart


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