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Germany, Israel, South Korea and several other countries plan to ease coronavirus closings this week as governments come under increasing pressure to reduce the economic and social pain caused by security measures.

As Europe approached a dark milestone of 100,000 confirmed deaths, recriminations continued over the origins of Covid-19, with a laboratory in Wuhan rejecting an advanced theory in the United States that it could have been at the origin of the virus, and Donald Trump warning China of the consequences of its discovery. be “knowingly responsible”.

After a week of slowing infection rates, the Israeli government announced Sunday that it has eased the strict quarantine measures that have been in place for five weeks. It will allow the partial reopening of computer equipment, electronics and office supplies stores and outdoor group prayer – up to 19 people, two meters away – and will extend the scope of the exercise to 500 meters from a person’s home.

Kindergartens, schools, hairdressers and shopping malls will remain closed and people will continue to wear masks in public spaces, with fines for non-compliance.

The country of 9 million people made 158 victims and about 13,000 cases. The relaxed measures will be tested for a fortnight and more stringent restrictions will be reinstated if the infection rate increases again.

Maharashtra, India’s most affected state with over 3,600 confirmed cases among its population of 114 million, said some activity would be allowed in its least affected areas while maintaining a lockdown strict in the most infected areas.

“We have to revive the wheels of the economy,” Chief Minister of State Uddhav Thackeray said on Sunday. “We are granting selective authorizations from tomorrow, particularly in [less-affected] orange zones and green zones. “

South Korea reported only eight new cases of coronavirus on Sunday and said it would relax some of its locking restrictions.

Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun said the government will consider opening public outdoor facilities and will soften guidelines on the circumstances under which sports facilities and restaurants can open. Other measures that were scheduled to expire on Sunday were extended until May 5.

South Korea recorded 10,661 infections and 234 deaths. “We must not let our guard down before the last confirmed patient is cured,” President Moon Jae-in said on Sunday.

While Germany, Albania and New Zealand have also prepared to carefully relax their quarantine regimes, the United Kingdom, still in the midst of its outbreak, said it was too early to give dates to loosen the lock.

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