Isle of Wight MP: “Isle of Coronavirus patients could be taken to Excel Nightingale Hospital in London”


Coronavirus patients on the Isle of Wight could be transferred to Excel NHS Nightingale Hospital in London if capacity is reached at St Mary’s Hospital – according to the Isle of Wight MP.

Bob Seely told Isle of Wight radio that St Mary’s Hospital is being reconfigured to face a surprise in the COVID-19 cases here.

As previously reported, 40 army reserves were transferred to the island over the weekend to help create space for 200 more beds.

Speaking exclusively to Isle of Wight radio, Mr Seely said:

“Whether every case of coronavirus is treated on the island – or whether patients have to go to the Excel Hospital in London, Portsmouth or Southampton – we will see.

“It depends on the number of people with the disease who need to be treated in the hospital with it.

“Our NHS staff are doing a fantastic job in reconfiguring the hospital to make sure we are in a great place to cope. “

LISTEN: Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely chats with Isle of Wight radio.


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