IShield: Apple to design and manufacture medical equipment


A medical student checks a handmade face shield before handing it over to doctors and nurses in Yangon, Myanmar.

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Best known for phones and computers, Apple has now decided to make face shields for medical workers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted Sunday that he now designs and manufactures protective gear.

The tech giant plans to make more than a million shields a week, which will first be shipped to US medical workers and then distributed worldwide.

She has also obtained 20 million face masks which she donates worldwide to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Businesses, from electronics companies to automakers, have shifted production to help make vital medical equipment and supplies for hospitals around the world.

“This is a truly global effort, and we work continuously and closely with governments at all levels to ensure that these donations are given to the most needy places,” said Mr. Cook in a video posted on Twitter.

Apple used designers, engineers and suppliers to design, produce and ship the face shields.

Cook said the first shipment of plastic face shields, which can be assembled in less than two minutes, was delivered last week to some hospitals in Silicon Valley. The materials come from the United States and China.

“In both of these efforts, the focus is on the unique ways that Apple can help, meeting the essential needs of caregivers urgently and on the scale required by circumstances,” said Cook. “For Apple, it is a work of love and gratitude, and we will be sharing more of our efforts over time. “

With a global shortage of hospital equipment such as ventilators and protective equipment for medical workers, organizations, educational institutions and individuals have joined the effort to meet demand.

In the UK, around 1,400 owners of 3D printers have committed to using their machines to make face masks for the NHS.


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