Inter Milan “working on transfer of Lionel Messi” while Barcelona star offered New Boys to Old Boys to go home – The Sun


LIONEL MESSI would have been offered a sensational move away from Barcelona by the Newell Old Boys with Inter Milan also trying to court the six-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Tension between the Argentine star and his current club has continued to increase recently, following a dispute over a cut in wages for a coronavirus pandemic.

    Messi will face a huge career decision in the coming months1
Messi will face a huge career decision in the coming monthsCredits: Getty Images – Getty

If an outing becomes a real possibility, several clubs will flock to the 32-year-old player with his contract expiring in 2021.

For the moment, TNT Sports report on the Messi team, Newell’s Old Boys, Messi’s hometown, making an offer to the player, as well as Inter’s interest which was recently hinted at by former President Massimo Moratti.

Argentine journalist Martin Castilla said: “Leo has an offer from Newell’s Old Boys to go home, but Inter are pushing and what Moratti said is true.

“They are ready for negotiations, so the decision will belong to Messi.

“But Inter is definitely working on it. “

Moratti, who first headed the Serie A club in 1995, had publicly declared Inter’s prospects of landing Messi in the unpredictable post-pandemic world.

I don’t think it’s a forbidden dream at all. Maybe it wasn’t even before this misfortune. ”

Massimo Moratti

The 74-year-old told Radio Rai, “I don’t think this is a forbidden dream at all.

“Maybe it wasn’t even before this misfortune. Messi is at the end of his contract and he would certainly be tempted to take him home.

“I don’t know if this will change anything, but I think we will see some strange things at the end of the year. “

Moratti later admitted that he was speaking as a fan rather than with inside information, having also said on TeleLombardia: “Know [Inter owner] The courage of Steven Zhang, he will certainly have thought of it.

“After all, Messi’s contract is set to expire in 2021. It would be wonderful, restoring some vitality to Serie A as a whole and more hope for Inter. “

Naturally, only a handful of clubs could dream of signing Messi if he left Spain.

But Barcelona is said to be suffering from serious financial problems, which could lead to a potential fire sale when the transfer window is opened.

In addition, in a statement by Messi and his teammates on accepting a 70% pay cut during the football stoppage, the team accused anonymous board members of having disclosed information to the media to discredit their position.

He said, “It never ceases to amaze us that inside the club there are some who have tried to put us under the microscope and who have tried to pressure us to do something we always knew how to do.

“In fact, if the agreement was delayed by a few days, it was simply because we were looking for a formula to help the club and also its workers during these difficult times. “

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