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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR / TEGNA / AP) – Last update on Tuesday on the coronavirus pandemic.

New cases fall for the second day in a row worldwide

The United States has 368,196 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at midnight ET Tuesday morning, according to Johns Hopkins University. There were 10,986 deaths and 19,828 recoveries.

An analysis by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation – the one most often mentioned by American health officials during White House briefings – indicates that the United States should reach its peak in beds, intensive care beds and invasive ventilators by the middle of next week. It also suggests that the death toll in the United States will peak at that point. But, the IHME says it is based on continuous measures of social distancing.

Worldwide, there have been 1.35 million confirmed cases, nearly 75,000 deaths and more than 277,000 cures.

The daily number of new COVID-19 cases worldwide has dropped from more than 101,000 on Friday to less than 75,000 on Saturday and to less than 73,000 on Sunday. It is the first time since March 28 that the daily number of new cases has decreased. No number was available immediately for Monday.

In the United States, the number of new daily cases increased from more than 33,000 on Friday to about 28,200 on Saturday before rising to more than 29,000 on Sunday.

For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough, which go away within two to three weeks. For some, especially the elderly and people with health problems, it can cause more serious illnesses, including pneumonia and death.

New Zealand declares Easter bunny the essential tooth fairy

New Zealand decided there was magic in the world after officially declaring the children’s favorites the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy as essential workers.

This means they can continue working while others stay at home for a month-long lockout.

“You will be pleased to know that we regard both the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny as essential workers,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday. “But, as you can imagine right now, of course, they are potentially going to be very busy at home with their families and their own rabbits. “

MLB could open season in Arizona

People familiar with the discussion told The Associated Press that placing the 30 teams in the Phoenix area this season and playing on empty soccer fields was among the ideas discussed by Major League Baseball and the players’ association.

The parties held a telephone call to discuss the path forward for a season delayed by the new coronavirus pandemic. The ideas are still in their infancy. The Arizona advantage is 10 baseball fields in the spring, plus the Arizona Diamondbacks hunting ground within a radius of about 50 miles.

Scott Boras, the most prominent baseball agent, said it could be the quickest way to start playing.

India lifts ban on export of hydroxychloroquine

India has announced that it will lift the ban on certain exports of drugs, including hydroxychloroquine, after President Donald Trump threatened reprisals if India did not send the antimalarial drug to the United States.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said in a statement on Tuesday that having confirmed sufficient supplies for India’s needs, export restrictions “have been largely lifted”.

The White House defends hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19, although its effectiveness against the disease has not been proven. The drug is officially approved in the United States for the treatment of malaria, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, and experts warn that it can cause heart rhythm problems.

Trump said he spoke to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week about the lifting of the ban, and at a press conference on Monday would be surprised if Modi did not comply.

“If he doesn’t allow it, it would be nice, but of course there could be retaliation. Why wouldn’t there be? Said Trump.


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