In an unprecedented move, stores authorized to open on Good Friday


Stores can only open on Good Friday for this year only, said Premier Dwight Ball, as the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador made an extraordinary move to encourage physical distance over the long weekend. end.

He made the announcement during Monday’s COVID-19 daily briefing, which also revealed that a second person died from the highly contagious disease.

Ball said the government is giving grocery stores the opportunity to open on statutory holidays.

He explained that the reason for the unprecedented move was that he hoped it would spread the number of buyers ahead of the weekend and give companies more flexibility to handle potential large crowds.

It is not immediately known which stores will open on Good Friday.

More specifically, an exemption is granted to the Regulation respecting the closure of stores for stores that are “considered by order of the Chief Medical Officer of Health as services essential to the life, health or personal safety of individuals and animals” , according to a statement the provincial government released Monday afternoon.

Stores cannot force an employee to work on a holiday, the statement said.

For employees who work on Good Friday, they are entitled to double pay for these hours.

Newfoundland and Labrador has ordered many companies to close under its public health emergency legislation.

Exemptions have been granted to companies that sell food or other goods and services deemed essential, including gas, pharmaceuticals, hardware and pet food.

Ball also said that the implementation of the plastic bag ban has been extended until October 1 due to public health concerns related to the use of reusable bags.

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