In a crisis, even a gift from the N.C.A.A. Begets Turmoil


“When I saw his name in batting order, I flashed to see my name there for the first time,” said Kapuscinski. The next afternoon, Kapuscinski tied for second in the draw to finish round eight in a 2-1 loss to East Tennessee State. Four days later, on March 12, he learned that he may never have another responsible.

Marist players have been told to meet in their locker room at 2 p.m. Chris Tracz, the Marist coach, arrived 15 minutes late. Kapuscinski glanced at the notebook in his trainer’s hand and saw “Eligibility? ” written on.

He immediately knew that the season was over.

It was a long meeting in tears. Tracz told his players that it will be September 11 of their generation – a moment they will always remember.

“No one is preparing to tell you that your season – and your career – is over,” said Tracz, who could bring five seniors back. “These guys took a long time and sacrificed a lot. Tyler was operated and rehabilitated. To see it go away, even for the right reasons – you don’t want to have these conversations. I just told Tyler that I was sorry, I loved him and that we would do our best to make it work. ”

The players dispersed the next day, returning home.

Kapuscinski plays a lot of video games, takes online lessons and thinks. He had interviewed for sales positions last fall, but while diving into baseball, everything seemed so far apart. Not anymore.

“At the moment, I’m just turning my head,” he said, lamenting that he could not see his girlfriend, as this would put family members at risk. “I can only imagine what others are facing, because everything is collapsing around me. I lost this feeling of security knowing that I have time to understand it. It’s overwhelming. If you had not planned your career, it is a very indecisive moment. ”

Earlier this week, he left home with his brother to find a baseball field. The first two they visited were closed. Then they tried their old college diamond. It was open. Justin crouched down behind the plate and Tyler went to the pitcher’s mound.


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