If you can’t get alcohol delivered to a grocery store, try a local brewery


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Depending on where you live, getting your hands on alcohol can be much more difficult than usual right now. True, states like New York, New Jersey and Maryland have liquor stores deemed “essential”, and others – including California, Nebraska, Vermont, Kentucky, Colorado and the District of Columbia – have relaxed the laws for the time being and are allowing restaurants to deliver alcohol. But that leaves out a lot of countries – and not all grocery stores offer alcohol delivery. If there was a time when we needed to have access to alcohol, it was during a global pandemic, am I right?

well don’t be afraid: yes Zoom happy hour need not be dry. Just when you think all hope is lost, try going straight to the source: your local Brewery. Now that regional microbreweries, breweries and craft breweries can be found basically anywhere, the chances are good there is one near you, and they might be able to connect you.

You don’t know where to look? CraftBeer.com has a convenient feature on their site that allows you to search for breweries delivery nearby you.

If you’re living in California, someone has already done the legwork and reassemble this document with all the breweries that deliver right now.

Breweries across the country have become creative in finding ways to get their products into the eager hands of local beer drinkers. Some, like Ponysaurus Brewing In Durham, North Carolina, offer contactless steering wheel windows: Customers order online and drive to the brewery, and someone puts their purchases right in the trunk of their car.

MadTree Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio also offers drive-thru service, but took a different approach when the pandemic started: They went wild beer-mobile cruising through neighborhoods like 21+ ice cream trucks. They turned out to be so popular that large crowds eventually gathered their and they had to suspend services for public health reasons. Trucks are currently used to make deliveries.

If you can wait a few days, all breweries also offer shipping options. Eater has compiled a list of breweries making deliveries in the New York area, while the good people at TimeOut have compiled this list of local breweries in Chicago who offer delivery, shipping or takeout. Do a quick search to find out who is delivering near you, order and drop one for us this weekend.


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