Idaho “freedom” rebellion threatens to undermine coronavirus orders


Scott, while recognizing the coronavirus eruption as an emergency, sent a newsletter to voters calling it “The virus that tried to kill the Constitution.”

Doctors in Idaho are concerned not only about public calls to quash the governor’s house arrest order, but also comments that downplay the danger of the virus. Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, is a particular threat to the elderly or suffering from underlying conditions, as evidenced by a Washington State nursing home where the virus has contributed to dozens of deceased.

“If we stop doing what we do, it could deteriorate so quickly and our resources could be overwhelmed so quickly,” said Dr. Hurt, the emergency doctor at Bonner General Health. “It is scary for the people of this community, and for us as hospital workers, to be inundated with this.”

Dr. Robert Burnett, medical director of cardiovascular surgery at Kootenai Health in Coeur d’Alene, just south of Ms. Scott’s district, said he personally considered the comments by legislators and the sheriff to be “criminals.” He said he was “horrified” that officials are using their platform to encourage life-threatening behavior.

At Dr. Burnett, Mrs. Scott and Mr. Wheeler “gave up their ventilation request” if they fell ill and needed the virus – although he hastily added that they would receive comprehensive care if they fell ill.

Although the region does not have many patients – there have been about 50 cases in the handful – some medical workers have stated that this may be due to the limited number of tests; there may well be more undetected cases. Hospitals are preparing for a potential surge.

Besides Bonner General Health, authorities have erected two tents to help treat patients when additional space is needed. Concerned about constrained supply chains, they reuse the masks, each storing them in a paper bag after use to open them five days later. In an old mourning room, dozens of paper bags are hung from a line, cut with clothespins.


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