Ian Wright reveals Roy Keane refused to meet for lunch after arriving TWO MINUTES late


Ian Wright revealed how Roy Keane taught him a timing lesson after his arrival, only two minutes late for lunch.

The pair were working as an expert for ITV at the 2018 World Cup in Russia when the former Arsenal striker asked if Keane wanted to meet.

After agreeing to have lunch together, Wright was surprised to find that Keane was gone when he showed up a few moments after their meeting.

Ian Wright (right) argues with Roy Keane (left) during ITV's coverage of the 2018 World Cup

Ian Wright (right) argues with Roy Keane (left) during ITV’s coverage of the 2018 World Cup

Wright speaks with Gary Lineker (L) and Alan Shearer (R) on the Match of the Day podcast

Wright speaks with Gary Lineker (L) and Alan Shearer (R) on the Match of the day Podcast

Speaking of his admiration for Keane, who won 12 major trophies with United in 12 years, Wright said at the BBC match: Top 10 podcast: “To me, he was the best captain in the Premier League.

“What he inaugurated with the class of 1992, with the great players around him, the consistency of his performances without compromising exactly what he was in terms of the way he sees the game and its principles and its moral.

“Honestly, I have so much admiration for Roy Keane. I must say we were together at the World Cup [as pundits] and I thought, “oh my god, we are really nice friends, okay.”

“And I remember there was only one time I asked Roy if he wanted to go to lunch, because we had breakfast and then we went to lunch.

“He said,” Okay, Wrighty. See you at 1:15 pm ”. I said, “No problem, I just have to go do some stuff.” So I had to go, I arrived at 1:17 am, I was waiting in the hall, I called and I said, “Roy, okay, here I am.” And he said, “Wrighty, 1:15 is 1:15, I’m not coming.”

“I laughed because I thought he was just disturbing but he said, ‘Wrighty, I’m not coming.’ And he hung up. And I only saw him in the evening.

Keane raises the Premier League trophy with Manchester United at Goodison Park in May 2003

Wright admits he is a big fan of Keane and how he led United to success

Wright also revealed that when he saw Keane again, the Irishman took the opportunity to explain why his attitude had made United successful – often at the expense of Arsenal.

“And as soon as I saw him, he made one of those cheeky smiles he had and he said,” That’s why Man United was so successful, we did what needed to be done to time, we did what we needed to do, “added Wright.

“And that’s what made me think with Roy Keane, is that to be under him, under his management as captain, he would take nothing if he failed.

“What I like about Roy Keane and anyone who knows him or spends time with him, obviously he does not suffer from any idiot, but I have never seen anyone who loves football and talks about football as much as him.

“He’ll talk to you about a Ligue Two player, a left back somewhere, he loves it. The fact is that when he’s not in front of the camera, he’s just a very serious man, he’s a serious guy, he doesn’t do anything stupid.

“I can’t stop laughing when I’m around him, the way he stops people and stops things, it just makes me laugh all the time, I love being with him. “


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