“I am grateful for everything”: Vancouver RMT signs up for CERB as millions of Canadians wait for financial help


Kaitlyn Inkster is a registered massage therapist and one of the millions of Canadians unable to work due to COVID-19.

“It was a really difficult decision,” she told CTV News in an interview. “Because you don’t make money if you decide not to work, but you could also spread the virus. “

Inkster works in two clinics north of Burnaby, but March 15 was his last day at work.

“I decided to stop working because it does not really comply with the code of ethics, if there is a potential for the spread of the disease,” she said.

Monday morning, she is among hundreds of thousands of Canadians to sign up for the Canadian Emergency Response Service.

Although it took Inkster three attempts to successfully complete the online application, it described the process in a smooth and easy manner.

CERB is a monthly check for $ 2,000 paid by the government for a period of four months.

“If you were born in January, February or March, you can go to Canada.ca and apply online,” said Justin Trudeau in his daily talk outside the Rideau chalet. “For everyone, you can apply for another day this week based on your month of birth. “

But some Canadians have found that they are not covered by the new benefit.

Tammy Woodward is a caregiver in Calgary.

“I’m stuck in the middle where I don’t have enough hours to make ends meet and I can’t claim these benefits,” she told CTV News.

Many Canadians are in the same situation, including contract workers, those who earn less than the benefits offered, and many students are also facing a summer of potential unemployment.

“There are people who are not yet qualified and who we need to help,” said Trudeau. “We will soon announce how you will qualify for CERB. “

In a city like Vancouver, $ 2,000 doesn’t go far.

“Fortunately, I live with my partner whose job has not been lost, so $ 2,000 will cover my bases,” said Inkster. “I may have to use my savings, but I will not have to use all of my savings by chance.”

She is one of the lucky ones, as many are looking to an uncertain future, waiting to see if money will also be made available to them.


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