Hydroxychloroquine may shorten recovery time in COVID-19: study


Hydroxychloroquine may shorten recovery time in COVID-19

(HealthDay) – Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) may shorten clinical recovery time and promote absorption of pneumonia in patients with 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19), according to a study that has not yet been evaluated by peer review and was published online March 31 on medRxiv. org.

Zhaowei Chen of Renmin Hospital, Wuhan University, China, and colleagues examined the effectiveness of HCQ in the treatment of COVID-19. Sixty-two patients with COVID-19 diagnosed and admitted from February 4 to February 28, 2020 were randomly assigned to receive additional five-day HCQ treatment or standard treatment (control).

The researchers found that the control groups and HCQ did not differ in terms of age and gender distribution. For the clinical recovery time, the HCQ group had considerably shortened the recovery time for body temperature and the recovery time for coughing. Compared to the control group, the HCQ group had a higher proportion of patients with improved pneumonia (80.6 versus 54.8 percent). Four patients – all in the control group – progressed to serious illness. There were two patients with mild adverse events in the HCQ treatment group.

“Despite our small number of cases, the potential of HCQ in the treatment of COVID-19 has been partially confirmed. Considering that there is no better option at present, it is a promising practice to apply HCQ to COVID-19 under reasonable management, “write the authors. “However, large-scale clinical and basic research is still necessary to clarify its specific mechanism and continuously optimize the treatment plan. “

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