Husband Says Nurse Killed By Covid-19 “Sacrified Her Life For The Job She Loved”


A terrible toll of nine NHS heroes lost their lives in the fight against the killer coronavirus, he revealed yesterday, as families and colleagues paid tribute to their missing relatives.

Nurse Areema Nasreen’s broken husband told the Sunday Mirror, “She sacrificed her life for the profession she loved. “

Heartbroken Fasil Tahseen’s tribute came in stark contrast to the greedy appeal of the investment firm founded by Jacob M. Rees-Mogg.

Fasil, married to Areema for 18 years, said: “It was her dream to become a nurse. She loved helping people. “

She leaves her sons Mohammed Zia, 17, and Mohammed Ziyaan, eight, and daughter Anaya, 10.

Areema was pictured alongside her proud family when she graduated last summer from the University of Wolverhampton. She died after catching Covid-19 from patients at Walsall Hospital, West Mids.

Areema Nasreen was one of nine brave NHS workers killed in the epidemic

Fasil said, “She gave up her life to save the lives of others. How honorable his life was and how honorable his death was. “

Other heroes lost in the line of duty include Aimee O’Rourke, a “very talented” nurse who died at the hospital where she worked.

Mother of three fought for her life at Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital in her hometown of Margate, Kent on Thursday evening during the caregivers’ tap, but died later that night .

Aimee’s daughter Megan Murphy wrote online, “You’re an angel and you’ll wear your NHS crown forever. “

Dr Alfa Saadu died after leaving retirement and contracting coronavirus

Dr. Habib Zaidi worked as a general practitioner at Leigh-on-Sea for over 47 years

The family of Dr. Adil El Tayar questioned whether the measures taken to protect the “dedicated” organ transplant surgeon who died on March 25 were sufficient.

The 63-year-old man from west London worked in A&E at Hereford Hospital, where his family thinks he has contracted the virus. His Osman El Tayar said, “My father came here in the early 1990s from Sudan and we were all brought up here.

“We have received so much from this country, but I am worried about its last days and if enough has been done to protect it. “

The beloved doctor Dr. Habib Zaidi died on March 26, just 24 hours after being admitted to intensive care at the local hospital in Southend, Essex.

The 76-year-old grandfather, whose wife and four children are all in the medical profession, won an NHS award for all of his achievements approaching five decades in the profession. Her GP daughter, Dr. Sarah Zaidi, described her Covid-19 symptoms as a “manual.”

NHS nurse Aimee O’Rourke “gave her life to keep others alive”

She said, “For it to be the thing that takes it, it’s too much to bear. “

Described as a “legend,” Dr. Alfa Saadu died two weeks after self-isolating.

The medical director of Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex and the Ealing NHS Trust has dedicated nearly 40 years to the profession.

Son Dani Saadu revealed that his father initially refused to go to the hospital because he did not want to get a bed that others would need. He died Tuesday at Whittington hospital in north London.

Despite his retirement in 2017, Dr. Saadu continued to work part-time at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in Welwyn, Herts.

Dedicated surgeon and organ transplant surgeon Dr. Adil El Tayar died on March 25.

Dr. Amged El-Hawrani, an ear, nose and throat specialist, was “fit and healthy” before contracting the virus. The death of this 55-year-old man would have struck fellow doctors “like a train”.

On Monday, they fell silent in his honor at the Queen’s Hospital in Burton, Derbys. And the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge phoned them to offer their sympathy and praise to the doctor.

Former colleague Thomas Harvey, 57, cared for a patient infected with Covid-19 before falling ill.

The friend said that Thomas had not received protective equipment or been tested before he started isolating himself.

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Coronavirus epidemic

And Hackney’s grandfather in east London was not admitted to the hospital because he did not have a fever.

But he died on Sunday in his bathroom. The police had to open the door to reach her body.

Colleagues of Glen Corbin, 59, a “wonderful” mental health worker from Brent, north London, who recently retired, were devastated when he died. His confidence in the NHS said, “He was the one who was all for the room. “

Mr. Corbin is out of retirement.


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