How Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson caught the coronavirus


Fans now know how Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson caught the coronavirus. The disease has hit the world hard in the past two months, being declared a pandemic and forcing many countries to take themselves into custody. To date, almost 2 million people have contracted the virus and just over 125,000 have died. The situation becomes all the more frightening when one realizes that everyone is susceptible to the disease. This started to feel particularly true when the public began to hear about their favorite celebrities and their professional athletes contracting the coronavirus. One of the most compelling news came when the favorite American actor couple, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, got the disease.

Now, after recovering from the coronavirus, the couple shared how they got it in the first place. From Wilson’s interview with CBS this morning fans this week now know the pair got the coronavirus when they got in touch with another person who was in Australia for one of the Hanks movies. Although still unsure of his identity, Wilson made sure to note that none of his other close contacts, such as friends and family, had the coronavirus. Hanks and Wilson were told that having had the virus, they are now probably immune. Wilson also shared his plan and Hank’s plan to donate plasma to help those still struggling with the disease.

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Hanks and Wilson ensured that the public was kept informed during their recovery journey. While other celebrities like Idris Elba and politicians like Boris Johnson have come down with the coronavirus, the threat of getting it is all the more real. At least all of the names mentioned above have survived their experiences. In a period of great uncertainty, their strength and persistence are a sign of hope.

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Source: CBS this morning

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