How to transform yourself into a potato (and others) for Zoom



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À moins d'avoir dormi sous un rocher, vous avez peut-être remarqué la popularité croissante de diverses applications d'appel vidéo. Désormais, les utilisateurs recherchent des moyens de rendre ces appels intéressants.

In addition to various cool backgrounds for Zoom, users have also done crazy things like turn into potatoes for Microsoft Teams calls.

If you are wondering how to brighten up your boring meetings, then we have exactly what you need. This guide will show you how to add filters to your favorite video calling apps.

How to add a filter to your webcam

The first step in this process is to download software to add a filter to your webcam. The good news is that this software should be fairly familiar if you have tried Snapchat before, as it is software from this company designed to bring Snapchat lenses to your desktop.

Snap Camera, as it is called, is a free downloadable app for Windows and Mac.

Snap Camera has been around since 2018, bringing thousands of Snapchat lenses to your desktop or laptop computer. These can be used for all kinds of things. Whether it’s broadcasting your games on Twitch or making video calls to friends, family and colleagues.

With this software, you can brighten your calls to make them more interesting.


Applying filters

Once you’ve downloaded Snap Camera, you can simply go to settings and select your main webcam, then browse the filters until you find one. There are many choices, we have listed some of our favorites further down in this guide.


How to become a potato in Zoom

We’ve already written about what Zoom is and how to use it, we’ve also shared the best backgrounds to use for your Zoom meeting, but what about becoming a potato?

Well, now that you’ve downloaded Snap Camera, it’s easy to do.

First, load Snap Camera and choose the filter of your choice – it doesn’t have to be the potato. Once applied, open the Zoom app.

At the bottom of this app, you will see that “Start Video” is disabled by default. First, click to activate it. Then click the small up arrow on the right side and select Snap Camera as the camera instead of your webcam. Basically, what we’re doing here is running your camera via Snap Camera first, then in the Zoom meeting.

This means that you can change the filter on the fly if you want in the Snap Camera app. Otherwise, you can just adopt a potato for the entire call and enjoy your new couch potato life until you are fired for not taking meetings seriously.


How to add a filter to Microsoft Team meetings

The Snap Camera app can also be used to apply any filter you like to Microsoft Teams meetings.

The process is the same. First, load Snap Camera and apply the correct filter. Then, when you’re on a Teams call, click the menu icon and choose the Snap camera as your video device.

This should apply the filter you have chosen to your camera and allow the banter to begin.


How to add filters to Skype

Yes, it is also possible to add these filters to Skype calls.

Load Skype and click on the three-dot menu icon at the top left. Then:

  • Click on settings
  • Click on Audio and video
  • Click on the drop down menu next to the camera
  • Select Snap Camera rather than your standard webcam

As with other video calling apps, you can then change the filter anytime during the call from the Snap Camera app.

This same logic can be used for everything from Slack to Skype with ease.

The best Snapchat filters to apply

There are thousands of Snapchat filters to use and try. We’ve gone through a few to select our favorites for your enjoyment. These can also be downloaded and used on the standard Snapchat app, but we’ve listed them with their names so you can quickly find them in the Snap Camera app.


Cosmic Cat

What more do you want than the possibility of firing lasers from your eyes while other cats are flying in the space behind you. Probably a bit distracting on a call, but hilarious and entertaining.


Donut head

Hungry? This filter turns you into a delicious snack. Water and all. We can’t help but think of Homer Simpson with this one. Maybe not the atmosphere you are looking for at a business meeting?



Be warned, the eggplant is a little crazy. It wobbles and wobbles everywhere with the slightest movement of the head. We won’t even start on the implications of emoji.


Pingu UWU

Become the classic children’s penguin with this filter. We challenge you to make your voice heard during your calls as well.


Disco avocado

Millennials are required to approve this one. A filter that makes you a lawyer, but not just any lawyer, a disco lover. Again, there is a lot of movement in this filter, so be warned that this is a distracting touch.



Bread may be scarce right now, but at least you can tease your friends and colleagues with delicious kindness.


Psycho mushroom

This filter applies a psychedelic look to your camera which presents not only a pretty crazy mushroom but also delicate colors and shapes to go with it.



A tease from the outside world and a juicy ripe red tomato too. There is something disconcerting about seeing yourself as a pink red tomato with eyes and mouth.



If you’d rather be anywhere but in the middle of a meeting, how about a hot, deserted beach full of pineapples? The only catch is that you are pineapple.


WFH palm trees

Leave the house practically with a background that puts you in the real world with magnificent palm trees. This filter also comes with some serious sunglasses.



We can’t help but think of Pickle Rick when applying this filter. With a quick click, you can transform yourself into a magnificent, floating and smiling pickle. Weird, wonderful and intended to entertain.



The classic potato. Complete with eyes, mouth and underground location. This potato filter manages to be both hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Enough to transform yourself into a meat-only diet?


The pen

Be a little more serious with a filter that turns you into a pen. You can even move your eyebrows to extend and retract the feather. Maybe you can volunteer to take the minutes of the meeting?


Cheese noodle pattern

Cheese Noodle Boss reminds us of one of the muppets. A hilarious style and an entertaining face too.




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