How to make a CDC approved fabric face mask (and rules to follow)


The time has passed come and start covering your face. As we reported on April 3, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends that all citizens voluntarily wear a cloth mask for essential trips out of the home to the grocery store, doctor, or to other public places where the 6 foot social distance rules can be difficult to maintain. In short, most places.

Wearing a cloth mask can help protect the people around you if you are infected with Covid-19 but are not yet experiencing symptoms (these are typical symptoms of Covid-19). Some people infected with Covid-19 never show symptoms or get very sick, especially if they are young. Basically, these masks mainly help others, not you – although if used correctly, a cloth mask can help you avoid touching your face and infecting you when you are not at home.

Make sure to wash the masks frequently in the washing machine with ordinary detergent.

Whether you wear a face cover or not, the CDC always recommends that you:

  • wash your hands regularly. Use soap and water and wash them for at least 20 seconds. A hand sanitizer is acceptable if you cannot wash your hands.
  • Cover your face by coughing with a tissue or the inside of your elbow.

  • Avoid touching your facebecause you could pass the virus from your hands to your mouth.

  • Stay at home, except for essential outside trips like trips to the grocery store or to see your doctor. This is also called an on-site refuge.

  • Practice social distancing staying at least 6 feet from other people. The White House also recommends avoiding gatherings of 10 or more people, which should be easy since you are staying at home.

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces frequently touched daily (here is our Covid-19 cleaning guide).

Some mask rules:

  • Make do not buy and collect medical masks. Health professionals are already facing a devastating shortage of supplies and we should not use the protective masks that sick patients and health workers may need.

  • Make do not put a face mask on children under 2 years old– Or anyone who has difficulty breathing or who may be unable to remove the mask themselves.

  • Make do not remove a mask by mouth. Grasp it by the straps. Wash your hands after touching it.

  • Make do not just wear a bandana or standard scarf. Follow the instructions below to create a multi-layered mask that covers your face more tightly.

3 ways to make your own face cover

The CDC has published instructions for several DIY masks, as well as a short instructional video outlining its tips for making seamless masks. We have put the instructions below.


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