“How to Get Out of Murder” recap: season 6, episode 12


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We all have these TV shows that we love continue in the background and look casually while we fold the laundry, right?

Well, with its latest batch of episodes, How to get away with murder proves that this is the case do not fall into this category – not that it was ever a great series to watch passively, notice.

With only a few weeks to go, the ABC drama quickly moves through its remaining dense intrigue. Example: Thursday’s episode killed one character and brought another back, introduced a major development in the next Annalise trial and blows up the FBI conspiracy cover to defeat Annalize. (We will however take a break next week: the show is interrupted for a week and resumes on April 30.)

Read on for more details on “Wound It”:

SISTER OF ANOTHER MYSTERY | The episode resumes with Gabriel’s revelation to Connor, Michaela and Oliver that the FBI killed Asher – information that none of them seem to be buying. They fear that Gabriel’s wear a thread and try to frame them, or maybe he just wants to make them paranoid. But Gabriel explains everything he has witnessed (including his initial suspicion that Laurel was the killer), and when he leaves, Oliver admits that he thinks Gabriel could tell the truth.

Meanwhile, Gabriel’s mother Vivian returns to Philadelphia after Gabriel’s desperate phone call last week. Vivian visits Annalize and, quite suddenly, reveals that the FBI killed Asher, including all the details of what Gabriel saw and why he kept it secret first. She also tells Annalise that she has information that could help Annalise’s case … but she will only spit it out if Annalize agrees to protect Gabriel. Given their last meeting, Annalize is skeptical of Vivian’s intentions – “Cheat me once, my daughter,” says Annalize before walking away – but later in the episode, she decides she wants everything. what Vivian claims. (And she Is keep his end of the deal by protecting Gabriel. But let’s get back to it!)

When Vivian arrives at Annalize’s house at the end of the hour, she says she knows who started the war against Annalize, and it was neither the FBI nor Governor Birkhead. To Vivian’s surprise, Annalize correctly assumes that Sam’s sister Hannah Keating is the culprit – but Vivian presses her Why Hannah hates her so much, and Annalize doesn’t seem to know the reason. “Because she is a sad and lonely bitch who thinks that I killed her brother? Annalize suggests. But that’s not it, says Vivian. On the contrary, this war started because of “what happened with her and Sam”. And that’s when the credits roll, leaving Annalize and us on hold for the next two weeks.

And while it may seem like Hannah’s name was taken out of nowhere, Sam’s sister was in fact mentioned several times during Thursday’s installment. Earlier in the episode, Gabriel was frustrated with Vivian for telling Annalize of Asher’s real killer, and he played the phone recording of Frank threatening to kill him a few days earlier. This is where Vivian revealed that Frank was not just a random partner of Annalise; Hannah and Sam rather knew Frank and his family years ago, and Hannah is the kind of person Gabriel should avoid.

HTGAWM Season 6CAPITAL GAMES | Unfortunately, Annalise’s list of concerns does not end with a bitter ex-sister-in-law. At the top of the hour, during a hearing to widen its places of house arrest, Annalize is blinded by the news that AUSA Montes plans to make the case of Annalize a capital trial … and she will continue the sentence of death. (As if these funeral flashes were not worrying enough!) Annalize and Tegan try to fight Montes’ notice of intent right away, but the judge says they will have to face a special committee from the Department of Justice if they wish the death penalty removed from the table.

Meanwhile, Michaela learns from her lawyer that the AUSA is attempting the death penalty, and she and Connor seem disgusted that their false testimony against Annalize could ultimately lead to his death. Also, now that they have had a chance to delve into Gabriel’s theory that the FBI killed Asher, they seem to believe it, and they fear the FBI has tapped their house. (Connor, at the very least, was followed by a black SUV during a race the night before, which is … not great.)

After a few unsuccessful attempts to break out of their FBI deal – which may have the intention of killing Connor and Michaela afterwards, for whatever they know – Connor suggests they visit Annalize. When they meet them, they play Annalize Gabriel’s audio telling them that the FBI killed Asher, whom they secretly recorded while he was spilling the beans. Michaela suggests that Analize share the audio file in court; that would drop the charges against Annalize and they could break their agreement with the FBI. Annealize the counters, however, that only the Asher murder charge would be dropped as a result of this recording, as there are obviously other informants – aka Connor and Michaela – who plan to testify on the remaining charges. (Embarrassing!)

Connor and Michaela then exposed their immunity agreements, admitting they felt terribly guilty, and they only signed because the FBI used Asher’s death to coerce them into a deal – and that has worked. But just when it seems that Connor and Michaela convinced Annalize to play this recording of Gabriel in court, there is a twist: Annalize plays a recording during his hearing with the DOJ committee the next day, but it was not from Gabriel. Instead, it’s an audio file of the conversation she just had with Connor and Michaela, who she had recorded without their knowledge. And it’s a stream of conversation that denounces Agent Lanford (who’s in the room to hear it!) And alludes to shady FBI practices. (By the way, this recording is Annalise’s method of protecting Gabriel: she is still able to publicly accuse the FBI of killing Asher, but Gabriel’s name never returns.)

Although Annalize did not originally plan to play this recording during its hearing, this seems to have the desired effect: the DOJ committee decides that a) the FBI must conduct an internal review of how all immunity agreements have been reached in this case, and b) the death penalty is officially excluded from Annalise’s trial. (Related: Annalize and Tegan’s handful of tears on hearing the good news could be my favorite moment of this episode. Or this season. Or this series!)

The news is decidedly less good for Connor and Michaela, however: after Annalise’s hearing, several FBI agents show up at their house, revealing that Annalize has played a recording of their before the committee. “Do we need to handcuff you?” Agent Lanford asks them, although we never really see if he is acting on this threat.

HTGAWM Season 6“HE WILL NEVER SEE YOU TO COME UP “ | After learning that the FBI may have killed Asher, Annalize tells Frank to research Agent Pollack – and he finds her fairly easily the next day. Frank watches Agent Pollack order coffee from an outdoor cafe from a distance… and when Pollack leaves the cup to take away on a table before leaving, Xavier Castillo comes next and passes the cup, which contains a passport and a plane ticket to Brazil.

The next time we see Xavier, Frank has tied him up in a warehouse somewhere – and despite Bonnie’s advice that Xavier would be much more precious to them in a courtroom, Frank decides to reimburse the torture Xavier did him endure earlier this season while looking for Laurel. Whenever we see Xavier, he’s a little more bloody and he drops decent information, including the revelation that he bought Agent Pollack, but she is the only dirty FBI agent working for the Castillos.

Meanwhile, after Annalize learns that Frank has located Xavier, she uses this information to reach an agreement with Nate. Although Nate is very skeptical of the FBI, the Castilians and Governor Birkhead has all plotted against Annalize all this time, she softens the pot by offering to let Nate face Xavier, better known as “coward” who threw a blow at Nate’s father. In exchange for a little time with Xavier, however, Nate must promise that he will testify in Annalise’s annals. last name at trial, rather than against her. “So choose: Who do you hate the most?” »Ask Annalize to Nate. “Me, or the man who killed your father? And the next time we see Nate, he approaches Xavier in this warehouse – which answers that question.

Although Nate is trying to get a videotape from Xavier admitting the murder of Nate Sr., Xavier refuses to admit it, arguing that he is clearly under duress and that his confession would never be admissible in court. But after Nate carried out his own torture, Xavier begins to speak a little more: he swears that the death of Nate Sr. was all political, that Governor Birkhead called each shot, that she wanted to destroy Annalize after her Supreme Court. to win. But even if he begs Nate to believe that his father was only a pawn in the governor’s game, Nate is still not convinced that there is no better reason why his father was killed .

At first, it seems that Nate is ready to spare Xavier’s life, saying that he will “let Frank decide” whether Xavier dies or not. But just as Nate is about to leave the warehouse, Xavier adds that Jorge Castillo is really who wants Nate; it was Jorge who called for the hit on Nate Sr., because he wanted to go back to Annalize for putting Jorge in jail in the first place. Xavier even offers to help Nate get to Jorge: “He’ll never even see you coming … He deserves it. “

“I agree,” said Nate. “So let’s hurt him. And with that, he suddenly breaks Xavier’s neck, instantly killing him. But even if Xavier’s murder could have seemed ideal for the moment, Nate could have made a huge mistake in killing his enemy. ” What did you do? Frank asks, when Nate cryptically reveals that he “took care” of Xavier. “Nate, what did you do ?! But Nate remains silent.

OK, your turn! What do you think of thursday Murder episode? Did you buy what Xavier was selling – and did you see his death happen? Hit the comments!


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