How many people actually died from coronavirus in New York?


This office and the Ministry of Health, she said, “are working together to better understand how to appropriately include deaths from natural causes unrelated to health facilities in the number of deaths in the city.”

About 120 morgue workers and soldiers from the U.S. Army, National Guard, and Air National Guard work around the clock, driving rented vans around the city to pick up the bodies of 280 people who died each day. at home and were probably not part of the official death tally.

According to Ms. Worthy-Davis, fifteen teams of four people supervised by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner perform strenuous work during each 12-hour shift, a task normally performed by 14 workers.

Counting the dead after most disasters – a plane crash, a hurricane, a gas explosion, a terrorist attack or a mass shooting, for example – is not complex.

A virus raises a whole series of more complex problems, says Michael AL Balboni, who a decade ago headed the state’s public security bureau and now heads a purpose-built nursing home association profit in the New York area. and a crisis management consulting company.

“A virus presents a unique set of circumstances for a cause of death, especially if the target is the elderly, due to the presence of comorbidities,” he said – multiple conditions. For example, someone with Covid-19 may die from a heart attack.

“As the number of people dying increases,” said Balboni, “as well as the inaccuracy of determining a cause of death.”


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